Post marathon pain

Today was my first day back in the office, and I had a morning meeting on the other side of town. In my pre marathon naivety I thought I would be back on form by today, and had even imagined myself wearing the high heels that I’ve continued to buy but haven’t been able to wear for the past few months. I WAS WRONG - I was hobbling harder today than yesterday!

After my meeting I went for a sports massage and saw Ed the physio again, you can view our first meeting here. Ed also ran the London Marathon on Sunday, and he achieved the disgustingly impressive time of 2 hours 59 minutes and 02 seconds – needless to say I think he was in more pain than me, but clearly a glutton for punishment as he told me he’d been for a run before I saw him this morning! Anyway, huge congratulations to Ed – that’s seriously impressive stuff.

After a rub down I headed back to the office, buying a giant bottle of water on my way – which I attempted to finish within the hour. The massage had got all the lactic acid, which was causing the muscle pain, moving around my system and drinking water emits it from the body. I finished the water, and could feel a definite improvement in the afternoon.

I now know that I should have had an ice bath as soon as I got home on Sunday, but I was so desperate to get to the pub that I only had a quick shower, (plus the idea of an ice bath is particularly unappealing). Apparently it works though, and my friend Salman swears by it, you can see my interview with him here.

After work I crossed town yet again, though this time it was for a nice relaxing massage – a treat from a friend. I got to Euston station, stepped on the descending escalator and realised it wasn’t moving.  So, in the midst of rush hour traffic I had to side step down the very long escalator, which was sooooo embarrassing!

Anyway, the massage was lovely and now, at the end of post marathon day 2 I’m feeling much more able bodied, though I have a feeling it’ll be a while until I get my feet back in to those high heels (queue heavy sigh).