Running in the desert

I'm away on me 'olidays at the moment and am in sunny California with my good friend Sophie. 

Sophie and I spent a dew days in LA, then drove to the desert for some supposed R&R in Palm Springs - best known as home of the Coachella music fesival. 

Here we were joined by a few more friends and our planned rest turned into a small party, and after a few days of food and fun I decided it was high time for a run. So I headed out early(ish) in the morning, trying to avoid the heat and ran through the back streets of Palm Springs. 

I've been here a few times and every time I come it's been a really different experience from the last. It's a really bizarre mix of retired couples - many retired types who appear to be out on the pull too (I spotted a man of around 70 wearing a baseball cap that read 'Old Grils Rule' - what a dude! Palm Springs also has a large gay community as well as an increasing number of 'hipsters', so it's a unique dynamic which comes alive at night. 

The mountain scenery is breathtaking - and yes I stuck to flat roads, rather than taking on the mountain terrain.
Seeing a palm tree never fails to make me smile

Frey House. Architect Albert Frey designed a lot of the mid century modern architecture that's seen around Palm Springs. This building is one of his most famous contructions. What a plot!
On my run I wore... as little as possible actually (it was so hot) Bra, crop top, shorts, trainers all Nike, vest American Apparel
We're back in LA now, and I'm contemplating a run in the Hollywood Hills - I think the vertigo's got to me.

run like 'elle. x


Best birthday

Earlier this month I celebrated my 2?!th birthday, and my work team gave me this amazing, sarcasm fuelled birthday card. 

A parody of the recent Grazia magazine coverage I was in, the card is an imagined running magazine cover, which reads 'Dancer, surfer (Grazia magazine misquoutes, which were met with much amusement by my friends, as I'm a notoriously undextrous dancer) and marathon cat lover runner (I hate cats - the girls in my office love them), Elle Hankinson shares her top 10 tips (an article type I write for work) for looking haute (Grazia quote) on the treadmill (I recently fell off one).

The card goes further to say...
'Win your height in hummus' (I eat a whole lot of hummus) 
'Running with the stars. Run like 'elle speaks out about those Cavalli rumours' (Giorgio Armani, Garavani Valentino and Roberto Cavalli hold a strange superstardom in our office - most notably for their deep mahogany tans)
Anyway, the card made me laugh a lot - so I just wanted to share it with you. x


Graphic art takes on sports bras

After a month of fashion I'm now enjoying all things arty, as this week was Frieze art fair in London - a huge private art fair held in Regent's Park (coincidentally, the same place where I do Nike Training Club) The main event prompts a host of independent fringe exhibitions, which I have spent the week visiting. So  - in celebration of art week, I was pleased to see these comic drawings land in my Inbox.
Nike - the king collaborator, comissioned two female graphic artists Jan Duursema and Amanda Conner to reinterpret the AW/11 collection's key pieces - the Legend Pant, the Victory Bra, the TR Fit Winter shoe, the Beautility Shell and the Thermal Hoody.

And this is what they did...

I really like the idea of the inane becoming something 'super'. Hope you do too. x



This weekend. Will report back. x


The month of September

Has involved...

A lot of flying

Getting all dolled up for the launch of The Global Party at the Natural History Museum
Me with singer Ava Leigh and  Kim Keifer
Welcoming beautiful baby Hudson into the world. Congratulations to my wonderful friends James, Lucy & Rufus. xx
London Fashion Week
and a lot of catwalks
A bit of Beyonce - and bump, and mum Tina at the catwalk show for their House of Derion collection
Dancing to Kelis at the Roberto Cavalli party (she smashed it)
Over to Milan for more Fashion Week
Marvelling at the show venues

Falling down a staircase in platforms, just 1 day before running a 1/2 marathon (Luckily for me, I seem to be fairly bouncy)
A LOT of looking at shoes, clothes and accessories. (Shoes by Casadei)
More catwalks
Returning home to run the Run To The Beat 1/2 marathon, and supporting the Run Dem Crew Youngers (seen here with Charlie Dark)
An emotional medal presentation ceremony at Run Dem Crew
Finished with a late night packing session, as I'm off to Paris at 5am for the final leg of Fashion Week. Night night! x