The Olympics, Prism style

With stores in New York, LA and Tokyo, US clothing label and multi-brand store Opening Ceremony is about to launch its first London store, so it only seems fitting that it should honour its adopted new home with a unique line to celebrate what Londoners are talking about most this summer - the Olympics!

And who better to collaborate with than London's own Anna Laub, founder of Prism. Prism has created a limited edition line of patriotic red, white and blue sunglasses to celebrate the games. And each pair comes in its own case complete with Olympic coloured bands.

Show your support and get 'em here.
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Run like 'elle loves Portia Simpson Miller

Though not technically a runner, Portia Simpson Miller warrants a run like ‘elle loves post. Portia Simpson Miller – may not be a runner, but as my turn my eyes toward Jamaica – in preparation for my marathon journey in December, I’ve been reading about Mrs Simpson Miller – the Jamaican Prime Minister.

In addidtion to her role of Prime Minister she is also the Jamaican Minister for Sports, and Mrs Simpson Miller – or Sister P as she is affectionately nicknamed, lobbies for gay rights in Jamaica and abolishing the country's homophobic reputation.

As testament to her power, she also made Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World this year.

Run like ‘elle is all about celebrating strong people and if that person happens to be a woman, then all the better.

Oh yeah, and I also found this mix dedicated to her. Portia Nuh Play! Run like ‘elle


Yukiko Akaba for Mizuno Seiei

I really like this video for the new Mizuno Seiei collection, which features long distance runner Mizuno Seiei.

Seiei runs the 10,000 metres, half and full marathons, and personal best marathon time is 2:24:09 hours!

She regularly represents her native Japan in races and is one of the famous athletic faces of the new Mizuno Seiei campaign. More to follow on this soon...
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Writing about running for Tank magazine

I've written an article for the latest edition of fashion and culture magazine - Tank, exploring the rise in popularity of sports among young people in London.
I spoke to Charlie Dark of Run Dem Crew and Chaka Bars of Spartan Fam - two free sports pioneers and unofficial youth mentors who are changing the face of urban sports at the same time as changing the bodies and minds of those doing it.

Here's Chaka checking it out :-)
Charlie and Chaka were a pleasure to interview, and so inspiring to be around. Tank is out now, so take a look!

run like 'elle - and be inspired. 

Charlie Dark of Run Dem Crew plays Boiler Room

Run Dem Crew head honcho Charlie Dark played Boiler Room and KIIIIIIILLED IT!

Boiler Room is an online music event that's streamed live, including anybody and everybody watching.  What started as an intimate gathering of music heads in a disused.... boiler room! has evolved to become one of the most progressive and revered music events internationally. To be invited to play is a privilege, and to shut down the dance is a feat.

Big up Charlie Dark. He's a hero!

I'll be 'running hard, running strong and running long' to it. Join me, and hear it here: boilerroom.tv

If you want to read his thoughts on running, then check out my interview with him here or read latest interview with him in the latest edition of Tank magazine.

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Why I run... Paula Radcliffe

"Above all I truly love running. Running means so much to me, from stress release to problem solving, me time and just the pure feeling of running fast and feeling in tune with my body. Racing is great fun and of course I love to win, but it is as much about pushing and beating my own boundaries as it is about beating others. I will love running for long after I finish racing".
Paula Radcliffe, World record holder for the fastest female marathon runner, and 3 x winner of the London and New York marathons.

Iron Maiden - The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

I bet you weren't expecting this one from me!
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Why I run... Mo Farah

"I first realised I loved running when my school P.E teacher entered me into a cross country race for the first time and I finished 2nd. I didn't find the race difficult at all and thought to myself 'I could be good at this!'. Myself and a group of aspiring young athletes were taken on a trip to a training camp in Orlando, Florida. It was an amazing experience and that's when I decided I wanted to be able to go on more trips like that one".

 Mo Farah, 5000 metre World champion & European record holder, 2010 & 2011.

Chariots of Fire

The other day I went to see a theatre adaptation of the iconic film Chariots of Fire, currently playing at the Hampstead Theatre. Chariots of Fire is based on a true story about two men training for the 1924 Paris Olympics. One – Eric Liddell, a naturally talented Scottish Christian who runs for the good of God, and second – Harold Abrahams, a fiercely competitive English Jew who runs against prejudice. Both are in training for the100 metre sprint and their rivalry becomes a surprising fraternity, and the story explores “sportsmanship, generosity, fraternity and the pursuit of excellence for its own sake”. Edward Hall. Director of Chariots of Fire.
The play was really well acted, and the set design was amazing. It managed to be heart warming and motivational too, and it definitely got me looking forward to this summer’s Olympic Games in London. I really liked this quote from the director, “Let us hope that the world pays attention: that governors and governed might embrace the athlete’s code of selfless fraternity that transcends boundaries of race and religion; that the moral courage of a Liddell and the ferocious determination and hard work of an Abrahams might even now inform the affairs of mankind”. Edward Hall. Director of Chariots of Fire.
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Why I run... Denise Lewis

"I started athletics after watching the Moscow Games in 1980. Seeing Daley Thompson and Sebastian Coe win gold had a huge impact on me. I was only seven but it was then when I knew what I waned to be. I was completely captivated. I wanted to be on that podium too. I loved training and competing because I'm a highly motivated and competitive individual. Athletics allowed me to push myself. It encouraged me to squeeze everything out of my body to get the best out of myself. It gave me the opportunity to be the best I could be". Denise Lewis, Olympic gold medallist, Heptathlon. Sydney Olympics 2000.

The month of May

I opened a box of shiny new (and bright) Nike iDs
I visited the amazing Bauhaus: Art as Life exhibition at the Barbican 

I love the Barbican building :-)
I did a shoot with photographer David Shama for a piece I'd written about Charlie Dark and Chaka Bars in Tank magazine.
Charlie and his Run Dem angels!
Chaka and his bars
Urban playground 
I went home and walked in the hills
I visited the Hermes exhibition at the Royal Academy
I saw the Snowdon Blue exhibition at Acne Studios 
I popped in to Yoyos
I marvelled at London in sun 

I went to see the incredible flowers at Chelsea Flower Show
I entered shoe heaven, by way of the Louboutin retrospective at the Design Museum
I went to see the world's fastest man Usain Bolt launch the Jamaican Olympic sports kit
I got all Patriotic for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

And that way May!

run like 'elle. x


Jamaican Olympic kit launch

Miss Marley and the world's fastest man - I'm playing with the big boys now!

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the Jamaican Olympic track and field sports kit by Puma.

Designed by Cedella Marley, the oldest child of Bob and Rita Marley, the collection includes active sportswear and formalwear, all inspired by the designer’s home country of Jamaica. 

Colours mirror those of the famous Jamaican flag  - which also formed the backdrop to the running track catwalk, and each look featured graphic black, yellow and green. The flag’s colours are said to represent ‘Black for the people, yellow for the Sun, and green for the island’s lush vegetation’.

Activewear features technical fabrics and ergonomic design, while the formalwear collection references military jackets that Cedela’s father Bob was famed for wearing.

Later this month Puma will be releasing a diffusion collection of apparel, footwear and accessories based on the Olympic collection. See www.puma.com for further details.

I have to say, I’ve been to a lot of catwalk shows of late and this wasdefinitely the most fun. Jamaica really knows how to put on a party! No matter that it was 5pm on a rainy Friday - the bar was churning out Wray & Nephew rum cocktails, the kitchen was serving homemade patties, curried goat and ackee and saltfish and the DJ played Buju Banton’s Champion (definitely one for my Reggae Marathon playlist) as Bolt took to the catwalk to close the show - seen here with Cedela.   
I'm not usually one for food photos, but I'll make an allowance for this one :-)
Then look who I found lurking amongst the mannequins - Candice and Bangs !! 
run like ‘elle – Jamaica will be. x


Julio Bashmore — Au Seve

If this doesn't make you run, then not a lot will.
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Miss Mei and me

I was just taking a quick look a a few of my favourite running blogs, one of which is I'm Running. I Promise. and found a picture of myself on there! This is me with Sarah Mei of I'm Running. I Promise.
As she introduced me to her readers, I feel it's only right that I introduce her to you... Sarah works for Nike and is relatively new to this running game. Sarah joined Run Dem Crew and completed her first race - the Berlin Half Marathon, as part of the new Team Bangs on Run - the team I was in for the Run To The Beat half marathon in September last year. Sarah is pretty as a peach and hard as nails, and though she ran a tough race in Berlin, I feel pretty confident in saying that we'll be seeing her on a running course again soon... run like 'elle. x


Running by Rhalou's rules

Running has introduced me to many an amazing person, one of which is Rhalou – the online editor of Women’s Running magazine. We attended our first ever Run Dem Crew session together, and have run the length and breadth of London together since. Oh and a bit of Berlin too, which you can see here.

She’s an inspiring woman in so many ways – kind, vivacious, and enormously courageous. After years of living in London, she is hanging up her hotpants and taking to the hills in the name of love. Her beau is an ultra marathon runner (you couldn’t make it up if you tried), and together I’ve no doubt that they’ll smash every running record that Scotland’s got. 

A self confessed city slicker, Rhalou will be recording her relocation, runnings and attempts at bonding with the locals on her new blog. I urge you to read it here

And in the meantime I wish her lots of love and luck. 

Remember www.rhalou.com

run like ‘elle. x