Running by Rhalou's rules

Running has introduced me to many an amazing person, one of which is Rhalou – the online editor of Women’s Running magazine. We attended our first ever Run Dem Crew session together, and have run the length and breadth of London together since. Oh and a bit of Berlin too, which you can see here.

She’s an inspiring woman in so many ways – kind, vivacious, and enormously courageous. After years of living in London, she is hanging up her hotpants and taking to the hills in the name of love. Her beau is an ultra marathon runner (you couldn’t make it up if you tried), and together I’ve no doubt that they’ll smash every running record that Scotland’s got. 

A self confessed city slicker, Rhalou will be recording her relocation, runnings and attempts at bonding with the locals on her new blog. I urge you to read it here

And in the meantime I wish her lots of love and luck. 

Remember www.rhalou.com

run like ‘elle. x