I've moved house!

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run like 'elle. Xx


Tropic'elle Nike iD's

Being the lucky girl that I am, I recently received an invitation from the lovely team at Nike to design my own pair of LunarGlide+ 4 Nike iD’s
I went to the Nike iD studio at Boxpark and got creative and made a pair of Tropic’elles! They’re black with a reflective layer underneath that only shines through in the dark. They’ve got a mint green sole, blue swoosh and watermelon laces.

When I came back of my run last night, I (lovingly) kicked them off and they landed against some vinyl that was leaning up against the wall – and weirdly they totally match it! Great minds eh?!

Love a Lunarglide.

run like ‘elle

What You Need - The Weeknd

Love this.
 run like 'elle. x

British Heart Foundation’s Bleinham Palace Half Marathon

On Sunday 7th October I’ll be running the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) half marathon at beautiful Bleinham Palace in Oxfordshire.
Every year my friend Marcus and I celebrate our birthdays together with a somewhat raucous party - that’s been known to last a few days. But this year we’ll be celebrating with something a little healthier, by running a race together! (Perhaps in preparation for next year’s festivities - my *clears throat* 30th and Marcus’ 40th!!)

Marcus is super fast and runs a sub 3.30 marathon, and his gorgeous girlfriend Lulu is pretty speedy too, and runs a 1.52 ½ marathon – the same as me. So when Marcus goes tearing ahead (which he inevitably will), Lulu & I will be pacing each other.

I’m really looking forward to running a race somewhere beautiful, as all my races so far have been through cities. If you want to join us and help raise money for the British Heart Foundation, Britain’s leading the healthy heart charity, then please go to www.bhf.org.uk/get-involved

Run like ‘elle – and feel healthy. x



Today I went for my first run in days, weeks, months aaaaagh! I only managed 1/2 the park (5/6k maybe? A distance I would previously of treated as a warm-up. Really depressing, but onwards and upwards heh?!

Daaaaaaay gloooooo! Must be getting ready for Carnival :-)
Pretty Victoria Park

Oh yeah and speaking of Carnival - I was listening to this Jafaica mix by Smutlee 

Download it and run like 'elle

Do the astral plain - Flying Lotus

Listening to...

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Last week I was lucky enough to go to the Olympics!

With the games in London, the energy in the city was palpable and I knew I had to go, so we managed to get hold of some tickets and headed down on a sunny Friday afternoon to see some track & field athletics action.

I saw...  Men's Pole Vault Final, Women's 4 x 400m Relay Round 1, Men's Decathlon Victory Ceremony, Women's Hammer Throw Final, Men's 4 x 100m Relay Round 1, Women's 5000m Final, Women's Javelin Throw Victory Ceremony, Women's 4 x 100m Relay Final, Women's 1500m Final, Women's 5000m Victory Ceremony, Men's 4 x 400m Relay Final, Women's Hammer Throw Victory Ceremony and the Women's 4 x 100m Relay Victory Ceremony. Not bad going huh?!

An Olympic sunset
That's me
The Women's 5000m Finalists run past (Ethiopia in the lead)
The beautiful Olympic flame, as designed by the incredible Heatherwick Studio

Unfortunately I couldn't get a good enough picture of the real thing, so this will have to do
Pin badge heaven
Anish Kapoor's Orbit tower
Global heads
Shapes for days
bit.fall by Julius Popp
This video shows its beauty much better...
My new friend Farrah, who I met on the train. He was working at the Olympic site, and told me stories about all the amazing people he'd met, and the stories he'd heard whilst working there. 
Orbit by night
I had the BEST day at the Olympics :-)

run like 'elle - and get gold. x


The month of July

July was another really busy month. 

I started it by moving house! (Note the prominence of the bottle opener - couldn't find anything, but did find that!)
But at least I had good shoes!
My flatmate and I had dinner on a bookcase
Having lugged that last box up the stairs to our new house, I had time for a shower then went straight to the airport. Ugh!

I treated myself to an airport McDonalds - it's all glamour!
But when I got to Berlin I was happy :-)
River cotch lunch break 
I've no idea what this is, but I wanted it #MellowYellow
Story of my life!
Popped in to the Stussy pop-up store
I wish this was my front door :-)
Eastern block sunset
What a whip
This just makes me happy
Truck off
Broken symmetry
Back to London! Beautiful Big Ben
I was lucky enough to design some lovely new Nike iD Lunar Glaide 4s. (I went for mint green, zzuro blue and watermelon pink on black. Ooof!)
Then went to the sunny Isle of Wight to celebrate my friends' wedding
Cheese cake :-p
We had a little dance
Then it was straight to Copenhagen to write the city guide
I LOVE Copenhagen. x

Hung out with the crazy NBRO crew 
Watched the sun rise & sunset on the same day. That was nice

Sooooo wanted to take these swans home
Copenhagen looking beautiful in blue 
Then back to London for the start of the OLYMPICS!!!!
Greeted by an empty Heathrow airport. Spooky. (It seems the entire city was watching Danny Boyle's Opening Ceremony)

I made it home at 11.57 exactly and raced up the stairs to wish my flatmate Happy Birthday. Three minutes later we ran up on to the roof of our building & watched the incredible Olympic Opening Ceremony fireworks display. What a way to start the games :-)
Feeling inspired by all the sporty stuff happening, I finally got to grips with my Nike Fuel Band 

I'm virtually phobic of electricals, but I LOVE this. It's really satisfying to track your activity (or lack there-of)
Then I helped this little tiger celebrate his 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday Rufus! Xx
Story time
Scary masks
I told you it was a busy little month. 

run like 'elle