Not...running in Milan

So.... I’m supposed to be going to Berlin on the first of April to run the Berlin ½ marathon with the Run Dem Crew.

The team are in training, and as-ever, I’m late on board. But, in acknowledgment of what’s to come (and fear of letting down the RDC lot) I packed my running stuff for my trip to Milan Fashion Week last week, with every intention of unpacking it from my suitcase and running.

I was travelling with my work friend Jayne, and we’d made the plan to run together whilst we were there. It didn’t quite go according to plan.
We did 15 appointments – both shows and presentations, every day. And finished at around 9/10pm, then headed straight to dinner. I don’t advocate it, but there’s never any time to eat or drink during the day at Fashion Week. So, needless to say – the bread basket got it!

After dinner, it was back to the hotel to file the day’s copy. So, bed by about 2am, then up again at 6am to edit our copy from the day before – and start the whole process again!

I’m not trying to sound like a flakey fashion girl. It’s not too tough an existence, and I’m very aware of how lucky I am. But it was busy, we were tired, and so we didn’t manage to run. Not once.

My running kit is still lying in the bottom of my suitcase at home, and I’ll leave it there to take it with me to Paris for Fashion Week this week. I’m hoping for a better result there!

On the plus side, I did wear 5 inch stiletto heels daily, and believe me - in the cobbled streets of Milan, that’s a pretty good feat – for even a seasoned stiletto wearer.

My fashion feet (please note – the cigarette ain’t mine!)

run like 'elle.

Jessie Ware - Running (Disclosure Remix)

Hi! Still here, just been marooned on Planet Fashion for a while. (We're three Fashion Weeks in to the AW/12 collections now, only one more to go)

This is about as close to running as I have come recently (the record has running in the title – durrr!)

Run like ‘elle (for me)


Valentines vibes

You Make Me Happy - Mr. Vegas

Happy Valentines Day ya'll. x


Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Perhaps not the most obvious Whitney song choice, but this song punctuated my youth - and lots of singing in to a hair brush in my bedroom mirror. So RIP Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You



Alsace & Lorraine - Jimpster

More music, but I can't stop listening to this...

run like 'elle. x


Busy Signal - Missing You

Listening to...


The Wonderful World of Roses Gabor

With my new found enthusiasm, comes a new playlist - and this one is courtesy of the lovely
Roses Gabor

The day I fell out of love…

...with running

I can’t believe it’s a year ago that I began my mammoth training plan for the London Marathon.

During that time (as you’ll see from my previous posts) I experienced extreme highs and a few lows, learnt a lot about myself – and those around me, and focused my body and brain to accomplish something I’d never previously conceived as a possibility.

Though running the marathon was one of the best things I’ve ever done, I fast rediscovered my life of vice (well – dances, friends, drinks) and somewhere on my way, I lost my running mojo.

I tried to get it back - going to Run Dem Crew, running around the world on my travels, but it just wasn’t the same.

In retrospect, I think I got a bit overwhelmed by the technical aspect of running at a certain level. Suddenly people were interested in the technicalities of it, but I just don’t really enjoy that. But that’s ok isn’t it? Perhaps I don’t need pace groups and nutrition timetables, perhaps all I need are my trusty trainers and an iPhone full of music.

So, with that thought in my mind I am donning my trainers and heading out in to the frozen roads to run.

Thanks for your patience people, I’M BACK! (I think)

Run like ‘elle x

The month of January

Wasn't a wonderful one to be honest :-(

But I did manage to scoot around Europe a bit, and fit in a couple of scenic runs too

I went to Florence to report on menswear from Pitti Uomo and fell in love with these mini magnets. I like that the most mundane paraphernalia is considered becomes precious when offered in a miniature version. They had everything from travel tissues to bottles of wine - and all are filled with the real thing. (I should know, I smashed one)

From the Punto Vecchio

I could look at that view all day

The palazzo ceiling at Valentino

I popped in to the new Gucci Museo which displays the label's weird and wonderful archive of all things Gucci branded.  (I could definitely drive this beauty)

Couture creations

A week later I went to Paris to #MakeItCount for menswear fashion week, and got excited about this summer's Olympic Games

I got greedy at the seafood stand

Then it was back to London, and the view from my office window

In between this stuff was a whole load of headache, but it's February now - and that's always better. Right?!

run like 'elle x