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Running in the Herefordshire hills

Today I did my furthest run to date, a not-too-bad-at-all 20 miles! I'm in the country staying with my parents this weekend, so decided to to take them with me. Meet Training Team Hanky a.k.a my Mum and Dad
It was my Mum's first time on a bike for about 20 years (and I think her bike is older than she is!) So after a somewhat wobbly but hilarious start we set off in to the hills.

On my run I passed misty mountains and babbling brooks, fields full of horses - a few of which galloped alongside me as I ran past. A road kill mink, raft racers, crazy cars and sweet honesty boxes selling freshly cut flowers.

In stark contrast to my idyllic surroundings, my soundtrack comprised of NWA, Salt n Pepa and Method Man! I even tried my first carb gel - a tube of concentrated carbohydrates designed for endurance sports, which I can honestly report is absolutely DISGUSTING!
Unfortunately I hadn't calculated the route length very precisely, so when I finished my 20 miles I found I still had another 4 miles to walk to get home! By this time is was getting cold, and my sense of humour had started to wane, so I hitch-hiked back to Hay, and got home before my Mum and Dad to put the kettle on! (Passers-by are nicer in the county)
Tea, biccies and the telly post run. Knackered!

I Need You - Sylvester

I'll be dancing to this soooooon!

Thanks to the Part Time Heroes for putting me on to this version Bonar Bradberry piano dub

You can hear Ross Part Time Heroe's exclusive mix for run like 'elle here


Some sportswear I like

Since embarking on this marathon mission I've gone from owning little-to-no sportswear, to really rather a lot.

There's a wealth of choice on the market and sometimes it can seem a little baffling. I've tried so many, and below is my selection of some of the best pieces available at the moment.

It was so much fun shooting this. I'm definitely no model, but I hope you enjoy the pics!

T-shirt WaterAid, running tights Sweaty Betty, trainers Nike 
Vest Nike,  leggings Vivienne Westwood, trainers Stella McCartney for adidas
Crop top Sweaty Betty, vest Nike, running tights and trainers, both Puma
Waterproof jacket Sweaty Betty, vest Stella McCartney for adidas, leggings and trainers, both Nike
Waterproof jacket, vest and shorts Nike, trainers Asics
Vintage Nike t-shirt Zone 7 Style, vest Nike, tracksuit bottoms Stella McCartney for adidas, trainers Nike 
Hoodie and crop top Nike, running tights Sweaty Betty, trainers Puma
Vintage Nike Air Jordan jacket Zone 7 Style, leggings Stella McCartney for adidas, trainers Chanel
Vintage Nike jacket Zone 7 Style, vest Nike, running tights Sweaty Betty, trainers Nike
Images: Steven Farmer
Hair & make-up: Shephard

Massive thanks to Steve, Gemma, Daisy, Seth, Dom, Florence, Victoria, Anna, Teresa and Eloise. x


A lighter shade of blue

I am seriously enjoying this beautiful springtime weather, and have even shed a few layers to prove it - though I remain in jackets and jeans (all this bare legs and flip flops business is too much too soon as far as I'm concerned).

Anyway, my point is that in addition to wearing lighter layers I've also been sporting lighter colours too (though admittedly I am writing this wearing head-to-toe black). I was super happy when a lovely pair of Nike Free 3 trainers were delivered to my desk in sky blue. The light colour embraces the changing of the  seasons, and the black detailing means that I can still wear them with everything I already own - as it's allllll black.

Thanks Nike. A song to say thanks?!
A Lighter Shade Of Blue - Skip Ewing

Captain - Wayne Marshall

Perfect for this sunny Friday

run like 'elle. x


Paris says...

run like 'elle

Yesterday I enjoyed Paris in the springtime. Technically I was there for work, but I couldn't resist a slight  detour to... La Tour d'Eiffel  :-)

The floor at the Musee Branly 

Zut alors! Even the gendarmes even say run like 'elle

A monument I should definitely know but don't

The living wall outside the Musee Branly


Wrapped up warm

Out and about in Amsterdam last week I posed for a little pic for Dutch Elle magazine. I tried to get a run like 'elle sticker in, but they weren't having any of it!
Just thought you might be interested...

This one's for Salman

My friend Salman ran the Los Angeles marathon yesterday, and battled the elements to come in at a very respectable 4.45 Having endured the training myself (though not the race, yet) I have the utmost respect for anyone who has the tenacity and willpower to attempt a marathon, so massive congratulations to Salman :-)

You can read my pre marathon interview with him here

And this is how a friend suggested he might be feeling today. I think it might be time to book myself a preemptive sports massage!

Hollywood says...

Run like 'elle

Even film greats are getting on the bandwagon

Palm Springs says run like 'elle too!
The Film Independent's Spirit Awards wanted a piece of the action
As did the gold dealers

and the cheese balls 

Massive thanks to my wonderful photographers - the lovely Alice and Rachel


Run like 'elle on Mixmag

The lovely team at Mixmag featured run like 'elle on their busy fashion blog.

You can read the piece below, or in full here
For anyone who's interested, please feel free to get involved & send me your marathon music mix. It takes a long time to run marathon run, and a whole lot of music to get you through. That's why I'm looking for mixes from you lot.

Mixes should be 20 minutes long and make at least one reference to water (because I'm running for Wateraid) The winning mix will be featured on the blog and available for download in return for donations - as with all run like 'elle mixes. It will also provide the soundtrack to my big day in four weeks today!

To enter, please send your mix to ellehank@hotmail.com with your contact details attached. Thanks!