My Sunday

Last week was a busy one and I missed a couple of training sessions, so when I got home to London I tried to catch up and wedged a couple sessions together to make a 6 mile fast on on Friday, plus one of my missed Nike training club sessions.

On Friday I wore a Shock Absorber sports bra, Nike crop top, a loveworn grey tee, leggings which I've probably had since the 90s, Thorlo running socks and Asics trainers.

In retrospect I think I was probably a bit too tired, and was taken a little by surprise when (with much difficulty) I finished my run on Friday with blue lips, bloodshot eyes, a very painful and swollen ankle and was promptly sick soon after! Needless to say I didn't manage the scheduled Nike Training Club session. Instead I felt pretty weird for the rest of the day, and the following day too.
Yesterday I took as a much needed rest day, so despite waking up with swollen glands and a pounding headache today - I had to do my overdue run.

Having decided not to use carbohydrate gels during the marathon I know I have to supplement my water intake with sugar laden sports drinks, so today I decided to test one out. Luckily my local shop only had this one left, which made the choice a little easier, and I have to say  that it didn't taste too terrible (though if anyone can recommend something better, then I'd be more than happy to hear about it).
My training schedule stated a minimum of 10 miles, but it was such a beautiful day and the route along the canal, all the way to Notting Hill was so pretty that I ended up doing close to 15! I passed pelicans in the aviary at London Zoo, ducks pootling along the canal, flower pots bursting with spring blooms lined along the tow path and restaurant patios full of people enjoying extended brunches in the sun (six months ago that would have been me, and soon it will be again too!) 
Unfortunately my body didn't appreciate it quite so much, as my sports bra had cut right through my chest, and now layers of rather unattractive scar material have built up to form some bizarre abstract stripe motif across my midriff! Still, I'll survive...