A weekend well run

After the excitement of doing my Nike ID's on Friday, I decided to be a diligent runner and headed out in to the night for a quick six miles. I had to add on two miles to my prescribed Friday four miles, as I'd managed to pack two left trainers for my run on Thursday, so had to miss it.

I saw so many things on my late night run to Camden - Bobbys on the beat, kids on their way to the rave, arrests, protests - the works! I wish I'd been able to take photos, but I was trying to keep a steady pace, and pausing to take pictures every five minutes is too easy an excuse.
This is what I did on Friday.
This is what I wore Nike t-shirt and wind and waterproof jacket, Sweaty Betty running tights, Wright Sock merino wool running socks (mmmm) and Asics trainers.
Yesterday I did a slow run, for a prescribed minimum eight miles, but I ended up doing ten miles! Never being one for technology, I accidentally switched off my training app, so the run is documented in two parts (the second is below).
It was my first daytime run in ages, and I took the opportunity to relish the sun and ran through Highgate and onto Hampstead Heath. I passed a boating lake with miniature Sun Seekers battling for space alongside teeny Wayfarers, waddling ducks, even a couple getting busy in the bushes! Somehow I ended up completely lost, but it was fun. Despite the post-run jelly legs (soooooo many hills)

run like elle. x