One step forward, two steps backwards

I finally feel as though I'm back on track - especially after tonight's Nike Training Club session. I honestly can't recommend it enough, it feel like hell for 45 minutes but the buzz you get after is worth it. And I'm pretty sure it's the best way to attain that gym bunny physique too! This evening we did the advanced Get Toned True Condition workout, you can download the app for free to do it at home (see previous posts for details), or visit www.virginactive.co.uk for more information on instructed classes. 

Tonight it was all about comfort, so I wore a favourite baggy old t-shirt, Shock Absorber bra, Nike training bra (I made the painful mistake of forgetting to pack a sports bra a couple of weeks ago, so thought I'd make up for it this week by wearing two!) Sweaty Betty running tights, Wright Sock padded running socks and Nike Free trainers. I always cut my head out of shots, but I've also been sporting Sweaty Betty head bands, which come in all the colours of the rainbow. 

After NTC I did a 3 mile/5 kilometer run - as per my new training plan. I ran at my fast pace (10km per hour) and by the end of it I felt exhausted, especially as I haven't been getting much sleep recently (note the time I'm posting this).
However my foot starting hurting about half way into the run, but I ran through it (stupidly?) and am now suffering for it, as the whole thing's swollen up again!
Apologies for the crabby feet photo, nobody said marathon training was beautiful! P.S. The gun print leggings are by Rogue Status

Oh and one more thing, I've taken to running to heavy metal music! Songs to follow soon :-)