Saturday night - at the gym

I'd had this romantic vision of running through Milan, but alas - by the time I got back to my hotel it was dark and I didn't fancy exploring alone. So instead I popped next door to Virgin Active Corso Como (as I'm a member of Virgin Active in London, they also allow access to Virgin Active gyms internationally! Not bad huh?!)
I had to run 6 miles (10.08km) at a medium speed, but I accidentally stopped the very posh running machine during my run, so had to re-start my workout. So add 1.5km to this distance.

Yesterday I wore Nike sports bra and crop top, a baggy old tee from Gap, Sweat Betty running tights, Thorlo socks and Asics trainers.
I rewarded myself with the fattiest pizza I could find - and no doubt cancelled out all the good work I'd done!