Some sportswear I like

Since embarking on this marathon mission I've gone from owning little-to-no sportswear, to really rather a lot.

There's a wealth of choice on the market and sometimes it can seem a little baffling. I've tried so many, and below is my selection of some of the best pieces available at the moment.

It was so much fun shooting this. I'm definitely no model, but I hope you enjoy the pics!

T-shirt WaterAid, running tights Sweaty Betty, trainers Nike 
Vest Nike,  leggings Vivienne Westwood, trainers Stella McCartney for adidas
Crop top Sweaty Betty, vest Nike, running tights and trainers, both Puma
Waterproof jacket Sweaty Betty, vest Stella McCartney for adidas, leggings and trainers, both Nike
Waterproof jacket, vest and shorts Nike, trainers Asics
Vintage Nike t-shirt Zone 7 Style, vest Nike, tracksuit bottoms Stella McCartney for adidas, trainers Nike 
Hoodie and crop top Nike, running tights Sweaty Betty, trainers Puma
Vintage Nike Air Jordan jacket Zone 7 Style, leggings Stella McCartney for adidas, trainers Chanel
Vintage Nike jacket Zone 7 Style, vest Nike, running tights Sweaty Betty, trainers Nike
Images: Steven Farmer
Hair & make-up: Shephard

Massive thanks to Steve, Gemma, Daisy, Seth, Dom, Florence, Victoria, Anna, Teresa and Eloise. x