run like 'elle Nike ID's

Yesterday was a very weird, but latterly good day. Like everyone I was horrified by what's happening in Japan, so it seemed somewhat trite to get excited about something so trivial, but I have to admit - doing Nike ID's was one of the most fun experiences!

I went down to Nike Town in Oxford Circus and got my running gait analysed. This involves running on a running machine while your feet are filmed, to see how you land and to work out which shoes would suit you best. 
Having looked at my video, the the team decided that I run 'neutral' - this means that when I step I land evenly and propel from the heel right through the foot. This is the optimum running stance, as you're not overly straining any part of the foot. 
There was so much choice, and after trying on a few pairs I chose one size larger than my usual 39,  giving my feet space to move in the shoe - they'll need it after 26 miles. 
So it was decided that the best shoe for me is the Nike Lunar Glide 2s which provide equal amounts of cushioning and dynamic support. So we started with a blank shoe and a book of colour swatches....
When designing your Nike ID's you can bespoke the structure as well as the aesthetic design, but given that my tread is ok, we kept the structure as normal. For the colour, I had every intention of keepig it really monochrome and understated, and gradually...
the colour built up
Until I ended up with my very bright finished shoe! A bright blue base with lumo yellow band around the sole, light grey body, lumo yellow interior, tango orange Swoosh and the final shoe comes with purple laces, not orange. I love it!
Bruno helped me through the whole process, and was VERY patient. (Libra's aren't renowned for their decisive ability)
Creative Consultant Dominique and Boss Man Bruno repping run like 'elle
Me with a cheesy grin and hot-to-trot trainers :-) Just got to wait two weeks for them to arrive.
Massive thanks to Dominique, Bruno and the Nike fam. x