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Nike Training Club LIVE launches

Lucky lil’ me was invited to the launch of Nike Training Club Live! Nike Training Club Live is a competition encouraging us gals to get involved with sport, then celebrate all our hard work with a big party! (My kind of sport)
The party will be held at London’s Old Billingsgate Market on July 7th and will combine sports and music with guest DJs, a live performance by Katie B and group and one-to-one work outs too.

To attend all you have to do is collect points by doing the Nike Training Club work-out! If you attend the classes in Nike stores in London, Manchester and Glasgow you’ll receive a points card, which your trainer will add points to after each session. For those who can’t make the classes, you can download the free NTC app and work out at your convenience. To collect the points, you just have to sync your app with your computer and every minute spent working out will count towards you total.

I’ll be heading to the park this weekend to work-out in the springtime sun and earn my points to be there on July 7th!

(A post work-out glow and grin with Mixmag Crissy, Mummy Running and Darkroom Lulu

During my marathon training Nike Training Club was an integral part of my routine and I attended the class every week. When I was travelling I would use the IPhone app and work out in my hotel bedroom instead, and during the summer months I upgraded to NTC alfresco style! - My friend Jayne and I went to the classes in sunny Regents Park.

Since then I haven’t used it as much, until the other day that is… When we attended the launch and did a workout with Nike Master Trainer Sonja Moses and singer Katie B, who’s an NTC ambassador.

I’d actually forgotten what a good workout it is, and felt really good for having an allover stretch and buuuuuuurn! I’m so used to running being my only exercise, so it felt good to work my whole body, rather than just my legs. It’s a completely different way of working out, and the fact that it’s entirely customizable makes it more accessible too.

The Nike Training Club Live competition is OPEN NOW and closes on July 2nd

For further details visit facebook.com/niketrainingclubuk

The view from the launch!
Me and Lulu showing off our new trainers
Nike Master Trainer Sojna Moses talks with Katie B 
And then the workout begins (No idea why I've got a screw face on!)
And stretch...

Mixmag Crissy's too tired!
Official merchandise!
run like 'elle and #MakeItCount


Garance is doing it

Running that is.

The founder of one of the fashion world's biggest blogs,  Garance Dore recently posted a piece on her blog about sport, and running was cited as her number 1 sport! A lady of exquisite taste!

run like 'elle. x

Between being a student and my job, I don’t have any time whatsoever to work out. My calendar is so filled up that I can’t even squeeze one class in.
That, and Paris is the worst. The only gym that is anywhere near me is 12 metro stops away. And I’m not exaggerating.
How do you stay fit with such a crazy schedule?
xo Sophie.
Hello Sophie!
I never thought I’d be the one giving this kind of advice, given that happy hour is my favorite sport, but since I’m now hooked AND have a bipolar schedule, I’ve needed to find some solutions.
My first big thing is running.
It’s a workout that you can do anywhere, doesn’t cost a thing, and is good for you even if you only do 20 minutes. I should say, I can’t even do more than 30. I’m not there yet. If I try, I end up wanting to die.
I try to always have some running shoes in my suitcase. And even more important than the shoes, is a sports bra! TWO EVEN, because I’m all paranoid about bouncing breasts when I run. They shouldn’t move at all! Whenever I see a girl running with her chest bouncing every which way, I always want to stop her and give her a sports bra!
(Ok, I’ll stop. I’ll do a whole post bout that later)(that one will be no-men-allowed)
My second thing is yoga.
I’m totally incapable of doing yoga without being guided through. I last like, three minutes.
That said, sometimes I don’t have time to go to class so I subscribe to a site called My Yoga Online. There are tons of different types of yoga and you can chose how long and what level you want to do that day. There are even 5 minutes classes if you really have NO time at all!
The only problem: It’s a streaming thing and if you don’t have a good connection (like in Italian hotels, for example) it cuts off and and is all moody and that is the opposite effect yoga that is going for. It’ll make you want to smash your computer, and that’s not OM at all.
(Tim, my translator, who is also a yoga teacher, says his favorite site is YogaVibes)
And my third is a little just… whatever.
Whenever I get the urge to do some ab-work, I got on YouTube and I type in crunches.
I’ve found so much free stuff, most notably, Fitness Blender and you can chose between tons of videos, and really, it can be to the minute of how much time you have. Even if I feel like I’m in the gym with Robocop because the guy’s voice is so monotone, whatever, it works.
If I’m too lazy to do ANYTHING at all, but still want to move, I put on some music and dance around my apartment. ALONE. Or maybe next to Scott if we’re at a hotel. It cracks him up. My favorite album for that? The Cookbook by Missy Elliot. It’s a little oldies, but oh man, so many goodies.
And there you go Sophie. I hope that answers your question!
What do you all do? Do you have any ideas on how to get moving when you don’t have the time?


Reggae running like 'elle

So, after much deliberation I've decided to run my next marathon... in Jamaica! (Actually the decision involved little to no deliberation - just the world JAMAICA was enough to sell it to me!)
At 5am on December 1st I'll be running the Reggae Marathon in Negril, Jamaica. As with any marathon, the distance is 26.2 miles - and that distance doesn't lie. I realised that when I watched the London Marathon last month. 

This sobering thought is quickly disregarded when I remember where I'm going, and I'm toooooooo excited!

2012 marks 50 years of Jamaican independence, and hopefully the video below will portray part of the reason for my excitement.

The Tennors - Jamaica 50
Can't believe what I've got myself in for - again.
run like 'elle

Faster Than Lightning featuring Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man...
Probably best that he sticks to running rather than rapping though eh?! run like 'elle - or Usain!


Nike Free Run 3's get run like 'elle iD'd

A few weeks ago Nike invited me down to the new Nike Boxpark iD studio to design my own pair of Nike Free Run +3s - the first running shoe to be offered on NIKEiD
The Nike Free Run +3s are designed to be an introduction to natural motion running, and their super light weight and malleable structure gives them a 'barefoot' feel.

The sole is divided in to small squares which mould the foot, adding support. The upper is made using Nanoply technology - a thin skin-like shell, and the midsole foam is continued over to the outsole, further reducing the shoe's weight.

All the Nike Free Run +3s are built with integrated Nike +, allowing the wearer to connect with their iPod, phone sportsband etc to map and record runs and measure training progress.

With the logic learned, I got to the fun part - designing my own pair! I went through the colour and fabric swatches at least three times, and the lovely Boxpark team were so patient with me. Eventually I made my decision, and what dya know - I went for colour colour colour!

A few weeks alter, and I arrived home to be greeted by amazing new trainers (so bright they almost glowed from inside the box!) 
This was their first outing - it was to Waitrose, so it doesn't really count. But no doubt you won't be able to miss me next time I wear them!
Nike Free Run +3s are available from Nike, from £80.00

Thanks Nike!

run like 'elle. x

Make It Count

These guys have got the right idea... #MakeItCount

run like 'elle


The month of April

I opened the month by running the Berlin Half Marathon. I ain't no April Fool!
Then it was back to London to watch the Oxbridge Boat Race and celebrate Easter with my family 
Before flying to Brazil on Easter Monday, to cover Dragao Fashion Week
One of the many amazing views I saw
And many many models...
My Fortaleza crew included Indira from XXXX Magazine and the wonderful Leitmotiv boys
Then it was back to London to cheer on my friends in the marathon
I went to Harvey Nichols to help my old boss and friend Anna, launch her World of Prism pop-up shop
Then I was country bound, for a Hen weekend in the Cotswolds 
We prepared a 1950s champagne tea party...
and got all dolled up for it too!
This is me pulling off the 'picture of domesticity' pose :-)
And gradually it descended in to debauchery... Apparently I'm excellent at air guitar after nightfall?!
Then I came home to discover my brand new Nike iD's waiting for me! 
run like 'elle