Nike Free Run 3's get run like 'elle iD'd

A few weeks ago Nike invited me down to the new Nike Boxpark iD studio to design my own pair of Nike Free Run +3s - the first running shoe to be offered on NIKEiD
The Nike Free Run +3s are designed to be an introduction to natural motion running, and their super light weight and malleable structure gives them a 'barefoot' feel.

The sole is divided in to small squares which mould the foot, adding support. The upper is made using Nanoply technology - a thin skin-like shell, and the midsole foam is continued over to the outsole, further reducing the shoe's weight.

All the Nike Free Run +3s are built with integrated Nike +, allowing the wearer to connect with their iPod, phone sportsband etc to map and record runs and measure training progress.

With the logic learned, I got to the fun part - designing my own pair! I went through the colour and fabric swatches at least three times, and the lovely Boxpark team were so patient with me. Eventually I made my decision, and what dya know - I went for colour colour colour!

A few weeks alter, and I arrived home to be greeted by amazing new trainers (so bright they almost glowed from inside the box!) 
This was their first outing - it was to Waitrose, so it doesn't really count. But no doubt you won't be able to miss me next time I wear them!
Nike Free Run +3s are available from Nike, from £80.00

Thanks Nike!

run like 'elle. x