Nike Training Club LIVE launches

Lucky lil’ me was invited to the launch of Nike Training Club Live! Nike Training Club Live is a competition encouraging us gals to get involved with sport, then celebrate all our hard work with a big party! (My kind of sport)
The party will be held at London’s Old Billingsgate Market on July 7th and will combine sports and music with guest DJs, a live performance by Katie B and group and one-to-one work outs too.

To attend all you have to do is collect points by doing the Nike Training Club work-out! If you attend the classes in Nike stores in London, Manchester and Glasgow you’ll receive a points card, which your trainer will add points to after each session. For those who can’t make the classes, you can download the free NTC app and work out at your convenience. To collect the points, you just have to sync your app with your computer and every minute spent working out will count towards you total.

I’ll be heading to the park this weekend to work-out in the springtime sun and earn my points to be there on July 7th!

(A post work-out glow and grin with Mixmag Crissy, Mummy Running and Darkroom Lulu

During my marathon training Nike Training Club was an integral part of my routine and I attended the class every week. When I was travelling I would use the IPhone app and work out in my hotel bedroom instead, and during the summer months I upgraded to NTC alfresco style! - My friend Jayne and I went to the classes in sunny Regents Park.

Since then I haven’t used it as much, until the other day that is… When we attended the launch and did a workout with Nike Master Trainer Sonja Moses and singer Katie B, who’s an NTC ambassador.

I’d actually forgotten what a good workout it is, and felt really good for having an allover stretch and buuuuuuurn! I’m so used to running being my only exercise, so it felt good to work my whole body, rather than just my legs. It’s a completely different way of working out, and the fact that it’s entirely customizable makes it more accessible too.

The Nike Training Club Live competition is OPEN NOW and closes on July 2nd

For further details visit facebook.com/niketrainingclubuk

The view from the launch!
Me and Lulu showing off our new trainers
Nike Master Trainer Sojna Moses talks with Katie B 
And then the workout begins (No idea why I've got a screw face on!)
And stretch...

Mixmag Crissy's too tired!
Official merchandise!
run like 'elle and #MakeItCount