Marathon Mix 2 by Ross Allen

I am very happy to present the second run like ‘elle Marathon Mix by critically - and publicly acclaimed music aficionado Ross Allen.

In addition to launching the career of many a band and releasing hit singles for the Sugarbabes, Talvin Singh and Spacek – among many others, Ross has broadcast on BBC Radio One and the BBC World Service, won a Sony Radio Award and DJ’d around the world – from Malawi to Memphis.

Renowned for his extensive and eclectic music taste, Ross’ sets can contain anything from new London music, Disco, Country and almost anything in between, and he has kindly cooked up an eclectic mix of UK Funky, House and Garage - with a little help from Spencer Davis, for us to up our paces to, and step a little harder.
Listen, download and enjoy Ross Allen’s extended mix – all for the simple swap of some spare change. I’m running the London Marathon for WaterAid – a global charity who provide water and sanitation aid and education to people across 26 countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Water is fundamental to life, and yet one in eight of the world's population does not have access to. Please help me try and make a change to this, by donating to my marathon sponsorship appeal, here.

Latest tracks by runlikeelle

run like 'elle Marathon Mix 2 is available for download 

You can become part of the slightly sinful, but considerably more soulful world of Ross a.k.a. Woss Allen by tuning in to his weekly radio show every Monday night from 7-9pm on Ministry of Sound radio, head The Social every Friday night from 6-1am for The Social Meltdown, or join the mailing list for regular Ross ramblings by emailing ross.allen@me.com

Thanks Ross. x

Black, white with grey in between

Embracing my renewed running ability, I headed out in the rain yesterday and did my Saturday slow run. It was the furthest I've run in a long time, and it felt goooooood!

I've had to change my training plan - again, as I damaged the tendons in my ankle and haven't been able to run for the past month! (Cue panic) 

The new plan incorporates lots of short training runs - including slow, tempo and interval training. As well as a bit of cross training, which I get from doing Nike Training Club.
Yesterday I ran in a Sweaty Betty waterproof Protector jacket, vintage Nike vest, Sweaty Betty compression running tights, Wright Sock short socks and Asics running shoes.


Clean water - essential to life

Yet one in eight of the world's population does not have access to itThis, combined with limited safe sanitation results in over two million people dying from water-related diseases every year.
Credit: WaterAid/ Layton Thompson

Wateraid is working hard to change this. Please please please help alleviate this barbaric fact by donating to my marathon fundraising appeal, here.

Every penny you donate goes where it's needed most, whether it be building safe piping, educating on safe sanitation or delivering fresh water.

Something for the weekend

One Cup A Day (I Know My Herb Riddim) - Lukie D


London Fashion Week says...

Run like 'elle!

I have no idea how they got there...

Top marathon tips from Victoria Wood, fashion PR

This week's marathon Q&A comes from Victoria Wood, a Public Relations manager who looks after brands including Puma and Milkshake at Mercieca PR. Victoria's previous work on activewear brands and her personal interest in sports and exercise encouraged her to take part in the marathon.

I thought it best to ask a few questions and get the lowdown on how to run a marathon from a 'proper' sportswoman! Here's what she had to say...

Name: Victoria Wood  
Age: 28
Home: London
Career: PR Account Manager

How did you get into running? 
It was when I lived in Manchester, my then employer decide to use 5 x 5k runs as a form of team bonding. It was torture at first having not run for over 10 years, but by the third 5k my times were improving and I loved it!

Is this your first marathon? 
Yes, but I have run in several half marathons, including the Great North Run

What made you decide to run the London Marathon 2011? 
After completing several races last year, I really wanted a big challenge. I think for any runner the Virgin London Marathon is on a pedestal, so to be offered a charity place in December was a dream come true.

Can you tell us your goal time? 
I am hoping for 4 hours and 15 mins, but we’ll see. My main goal is to get round!

Who is your marathon inspiration?
My inspiration lies with my lovely husband who believes in me and of course my chosen charity, Dockland Settlements. Their work is vital in the Rotherhithe area offering facilities to families who are struggling. This includes activities at their three centres such including after school activities, IT courses and help for the elderly.

What has been your trick to integrating your training into your already busy schedule?
My training has all taken place after work and at the weekends. I have just joined the Mornington Crescent Chasers running club too, it’s so nice to run with other who are training for the marathon too.

What do you tell yourself to beat the wall? If ever you’ve hit it! 

That it will all be worth it, just think of what the funds raised will do for the people attending the Dockland Settlements charity.

Can you name your top three tracks on your marathon playlist? 

Rock Star - Nickelback

Hand that Feeds - Nine Inch Nails

If you Seek Amy - Britney Spears

What is your pre race ritual? 

I don’t have one really, maybe a one mile warm up and a kiss from the hubby!

What is your marathon top training tip? 

Just make sure you get the training in and eat well. Carbs are so important post training, so remember to have a snack if nothing else!

You can read more about Victoria's marathon efforts on www.runvicrun.tumblr.com
or donate to her marathon appeal at www.justgiving.com/Victoria-Wood1

I'm not sure I'd agree with the music choices, but thanks Victoria! x

Sir Paul Smith says...

Run like 'elle!
Thanks Paul, I'll do my very best!!


Back in the game

Last night I tentatively stepped on the running machine and did my first run (well, it was more of a slow jog actually) for almost three weeks!

My ankle has been really playing up, meaning I've been unable to train properly, but a slow pace for just a few kilometers made a massive difference mentally.
I wore a Royce sports bra, Thorlo running socks, Nike yellow crop top, black vest, leggings and trainers.


A sneaky peeky

Of a little run like 'elle photo shoot I did today.

A few of my trainers...
In the powder room
Stylist Daisy takes charge
Photographer Stephen busily editing
Not many people can make socks look this sexy. Model Gemma shows how it's done
Cheesy grins
The finished product
Massive thanks to Stephen, Daisy and Gemma. You guys were great. Thank you. 
Pics coming to the blog soon!


Wateraid featured runner

The lovely team at my charity Wateraid asked me a few questions about my marathon training and fundraising attempts the other day. You can read the interview here

Featured runner - Elle Hankinson

Elle Hankinson
Elle Hankinson.
Credit: Elle Hankinson

Run like Elle!

Why did you decide to run the London Marathon for WaterAid?
I wanted to contribute to something humanitarian based - a career in fashion definitely doesn't count! And had been tentatively considering running the London Marathon, but it was at Glastonbury Festival where I noticed WaterAid's strong presence.
I was really struck by its democratic goals providing a key element to life, prosperity and change, to wherever and whoever needs it most in the world. This was a really important factor for me.
Why are you keen to take on the challenge?
I'm not sure if I am keen to take on the challenge! I'm permanently petrified and excited!
What is it like running and training in your neighborhood?
Like many others, I work long hours and travel a lot, so incorporating daily runs into my somewhat hectic schedule has been a challenge in itself. I'm terrible in the mornings, so mostly run at night. If you live in North London you may have seen me darting through the shadows!
How is your training going and what training schedule are you following?
My training is not exactly going according to plan. As I write I'm nursing a damaged Achilles heel: as a novice athlete it's difficult to know when an injury is a niggle and when it's the real deal - I'm hoping this is the former.
Perhaps controversially, I've just changed training plans and am now following a plan which incorporates interval training, cross training, tempo and long runs.
What is your favorite training session?
So far I've quite enjoyed the long runs. It's a chance to explore the City (I live in London) and lose yourself in idle thought!
Which of your sporting performances are you most proud of?
I don't have any...yet!
What support are you getting from your friends and family and how do you motivate yourself to go running when you don’t feel like it?
Initially my friends and family were beside themselves with laughter when they found out what I was undertaking; hopefully they're feeling proud of me now.
Without wanting to sound crass, my motivation has been thinking about where my money is going. Thousands of people suffer injustices globally, and if I can contribute to improve even just one person's situation, then surely that's motivation enough? That, and listening to Drum and Bass music very loudly whilst I run!
How do you treat yourself after very hard sessions?
I've found it very easy to justify treats of any kind! Anything sugar-based is a clear winner.
Which sports person do you most admire?
Ummm...I've never really been a sports fan so I couldn't name an individual. However I do admire the sheer determination that drives sports people to push themselves that bit further or faster. That's something I wish I had!
Have you started your fundraising and if so, how are you raising funds?
I am writing a blog about my marathon experience, in the hope of raising both awareness and money for WaterAid. The blog is a diary of my progress and incorporates my own interests (arts, music, fashion), too.
I am also hosting a fundraising event (everyone loves a party!), and there are a few other surprises in the pipeline too.
Follow me on www.runlikeelle.blogspot.com and Twitter too @runlikeelle to find out more...
Do you have any useful fundraising tips for the team?
Be creative. I've called in favours and am trying to offer something in return for sponsorship - be it a music mix or a home baked cake.
Convey the cause. I know how much effort it is to train for the marathon, but sponsors need something more. You have to try and make them feel what they're donating too.
Make it fun. Standing with a sponsor form is fine, but tap dancing in a tutu with a sponsor form is better!
Ultimately, pester everyone you know -the power of persuasion is a strong one! 

Run for Congo Women charity 10K race

What are you doing on April 3rd? Why not join the Run for Congo Women charity race in Regents Park, London.
Now in its second year, the run is organised by Women for Women International, a charity which works with women in war torn countries, financing and supporting them to enrol in one year training programmes teaching job skills and business training. Ultimately facilitating women to regain control of their lives and rebuild what war and conflict has taken from them.

Everybody should have the right to education and knowledge, and so providing the resources for these ladies to do that seems a no-brainer.

The race on April 3rd focuses on raising money for women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where fighting between government and rebel militia during the five year civil war, combined with rife disease and malnutrition has caused an estimated 3 million deaths, and has been quoted as being “possibly the worst emergency to unfold in Africa in recent decades” BBC.

The race is only 10 kilometres and costs just £10 entry - this amount covers Regents Park's logistics fees and does not go to the charity, that’s where fundraising comes in.

Runners are asked to raise at least £150, all of which goes straight to the charity, £150 is the amount of money it costs to provide training for one lady.

To register please email runforcongouk@womenforwomen.org

Did you know? That out of 100 women in DR Congo
• 40 are displaced
• 75 do not own a mattress
• 40 never attended school
• 50 eat only one meal per day
• 75 earn $1 or less per day
• 80 are from villages that have been attacked
• 50 of their spouses left because of war


Happiness is...

Stickers with your name on!
I am so happy with them. They come in assorted colours and sizes, and there are even glow-in-the-dark ones too! Look out for them on a wall near you soon...

I got mine from www.limesigns.co.uk, they're a really nice team who can help with designs, are super fast to produce & deliver  - and cheap too.

Thanks Sailor! You've made me a very happy lil' lady :-)


For all the lovers out there

Happy Valentines Day!

I am Rich in Love - Romain Virgo


Basic Space - The XX (Jamie XX remix)


Cross training

Yesterday I went back to the gym. Being a member of a gym is a whole new experience for me - the protocol and unspoken etiquette is a law unto its own!
I used the cross trainer again, and this is what I did. I have no idea if it took me an hour to do 26 kilometers or just 2.6 kilometers! I'm still confused, and everybody I asked seemed none the wiser. Any ideas?! All I know is that it was hard work!

Yesterday I wore a Shock Absorber sports bra, Nike crop top, Nike sweat wicking oversized vest, Topshop leggings (which I shrunk in the wash) Sweaty Betty short socks and Nike Free trainers.


Marathon Mix 1 by Ross - Part Time Heroes

It is with massive amounts of pleasure and pride that I present the inaugural run like 'elle Marathon Mix! Easing us in to the training schedule is a soulful mix by one of the nicest men in music, the first featured DJ is Ross Wakefield - one half of production duo Part Time Heroes.

In true Part Time Hero style Ross has expertly combined soul, disco and a touch of dub to create the perfect soundtrack to your jog. This is sure to get your toe tapping and kick-start the hot stepping.

Part Time Heroes have remixed a host of artists for labels including Tru Thoughts, Compost, First Word and Hospital Records, and have DJ'd and played live around the UK as well as throughout Europe and the Far East. Following their 2008 LP, the Part Time Heroes are currently working on the hotly anticipated follow-up, due to drop in September this year.

You can catch them at the festivals this summer, and if you can't wait that long (you shouldn't), then I highly recommend subscribing to their internationally revered monthly music podcasts. The Hideout Sessions champion new music spanning funk to dubstep with a few surprises in between, and it makes for two hours of hilarious listening.

Please download, listen and enjoy! My only request is that you make a voluntary donation to my marathon sponsorship appeal. Even if it's only a £ or two, it is much appreciated and will help me reach my goal of raising £3,000 for Wateraid - a very worthy cause.

Ross (Part Time Heroes) Marathon Mix tracklisting
1. Aim 'Cold Water Music (Deadbeats Remix) (Grand Central)
2. Chris Jones 'Destination Unknown' (Goodie Train)
3. Edwin Starr 'Running Back And Forth' (Talma Motown)
4. Sly Johnson 'Get Ready' (Twinight)
5. Jackie Wilson 'Shake A Leg' (Brunswick)
6. Donald Austin 'Crazy Legs' (Eastbound)
7. Roy Ayers Ubiquity 'Running Away' (Polydor)
8. Souleance 'One Step' (First Word)
9. Captain Planet 'On Yer Feet' (Bastard Jazz)
10. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals 'Running Irie' (Trojan)

Part Time Heroes are signed to Wah Wah 45 records and can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Mix Cloud.

Happy listening, and thanks Ross! x

Tiger style

Unfortunately I'm still not back to running, but in the meantime I've joined a gym (Virgin Active to be precise) and I'm trying to master my miles on the cross trainer.
Today I trained in Shock Absorber Run bra, Nike hidden support vest, adidas by Stella McCartney animal print capri pants, Sweaty Betty Blister Proof running socks and Nike Free 1 running shoes.


Top marathon tips from DJ Rocky (X-Press 2)

(Photo credit: Justin De Souza, www.iamfreshtodeath.com)

This week's marathon Q&A comes from DJ Rocky, one third of legendary house trio X-Press 2. X-Press 2 have been having hits since 1992, with their first single Muzik Xpress making waves on the underground, but the trio are perhaps best known for their number one single, Lazy.

I had a chat with Rocky over a ginger beer or two, and got the lowdown on his 2010 marathon experience.

X-Press 2 - Muzik Xpress

X-Press 2 featuring David Byrne - Lazy

Name: Darren Rock AKA. Rocky
Age: 43
Home: London
Career: DJ and record producer for 23 years

How did you get into running?
I started running around seven years ago but only got properly into it in 2009, mainly due to a friend of mine - Matt, who’d been doing the odd 10k and half marathon. At first it was just a fitness thing that attracted me to it.

What made you decide to run the London Marathon 2010?
Again, it was down to the friends that I was running with. I was quite happy just doing a couple of miles a few times a week, but then the possibility of a charity place came up in October 2009 and I decided to go for it. I had my mates to train with so I was looking forward to it.

Can you tell us a bit about your marathon experience?
The actual marathon itself was amazing. The buzz that you get and the encouragement that you receive on the way round is the thing that keeps you going. Make sure you get your name printed on your vest/shirt!! The main thing I would have done differently would’ve been not to walk at 16 miles!!
I was gutted afterwards as I knew I could’ve run the whole distance. Physically I was fine; it was my brain that stopped me.

What was your marathon time?

My time was 5 hrs 17 mins.

Which charity were you running for?

The charity was called Contact a Family. They offer support for families with disabled children.

Who is your marathon inspiration?
I think the inspiration for me on the day itself was the charity, Contact A Family, which I was running for. At my lowest points, I was thinking how much help I was going to provide with my achievement.

What was your trick to integrating your training into your already busy schedule?
To be honest, I didn’t find it that hard. Most of my work is at weekends as a DJ, so I was able to put loads of time in during the week. It was a little more difficult for the rest of the guys as they all have ‘proper’ jobs. I did find some of the early Sunday morning long distance runs a little bit tricky!

What is your marathon mantra?
Don’t fucking stop.

What is your pre race ritual?
Carb load for four or five days before and keep well hydrated. Porridge on race morning and again keep hydrated, but be careful and don’t over do it with the liquids before the race.
Make sure I’ve filled out the reverse of my race number and got safety pins to attach it to my vest before leaving.

Can you name your top three tracks on your marathon playlist?
Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill

Free – Alright Now

Airto Moreira – Celebration Suite

What is your marathon top training tip?
Follow a training plan; don’t just decide how much you need to do. You need to vary the training with intervals, hills, fartlek etc. I found cycling and swimming helped me a lot as well. There are loads of training plans available online or through your gym/trainer.

You can hear more from Rocky every Thursday 6-8pm on Ministry of Sound Radio
Thanks Rocky! x

Chris Brown featuring Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne - Look At Me Now

Crunk Friday. I have this on repeat.


Fat foot

Back from the gym and I'm back on the ice, so I'm nursing my fat foot over dinner with the girls.
Went to Nike Training Club this evening and it was hardcore! Burpies, press-ups and dumb bell lifts galore!


And so to Nike Town we go

This evening I popped down to the newly revamped Nike Town in London's Oxford Circus to check out what's on offer and get to grips with the baffling world of sportswear.
I started my tour in active footwear, where different trainer types are displayed and explained. This is also the place for gait analysis - a necessity if you're planning on running long distances. Unfortunately I couldn't try it tonight as I still have a foot like blow fish, but soon I'll be tracking my instep and measuring my pronate!

Next stop was the Bra bar, where you can select your style depending on the impact of your exercise. A decent sports bra is equally, if not more important than a decent pair of running shoes. After all none of us want to be busting the tennis balls in socks look!

I then ventured in to 6.0, a new line geared towards action sports. The area's like a little boutique within the mega store, and is full of comfy basics.

I really liked the blue cotton chambray trousers (centre)

The store's visual merchandising is pretty spectacular, with skipping ropes strung up to create chandeliers and hanging t-shirts resembling billowing prayer flags.

The Nike Free series is displayed using trainers manipulated and moulded to create the letters.
It reminded me of this video from last year.

Last stop was the Nike ID studio, a bespoke service that allows you to custom design your own trainers. I was happy here amongst the blazers and Air Max 1s!