Marathon Mix 2 by Ross Allen

I am very happy to present the second run like ‘elle Marathon Mix by critically - and publicly acclaimed music aficionado Ross Allen.

In addition to launching the career of many a band and releasing hit singles for the Sugarbabes, Talvin Singh and Spacek – among many others, Ross has broadcast on BBC Radio One and the BBC World Service, won a Sony Radio Award and DJ’d around the world – from Malawi to Memphis.

Renowned for his extensive and eclectic music taste, Ross’ sets can contain anything from new London music, Disco, Country and almost anything in between, and he has kindly cooked up an eclectic mix of UK Funky, House and Garage - with a little help from Spencer Davis, for us to up our paces to, and step a little harder.
Listen, download and enjoy Ross Allen’s extended mix – all for the simple swap of some spare change. I’m running the London Marathon for WaterAid – a global charity who provide water and sanitation aid and education to people across 26 countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Water is fundamental to life, and yet one in eight of the world's population does not have access to. Please help me try and make a change to this, by donating to my marathon sponsorship appeal, here.

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run like 'elle Marathon Mix 2 is available for download 

You can become part of the slightly sinful, but considerably more soulful world of Ross a.k.a. Woss Allen by tuning in to his weekly radio show every Monday night from 7-9pm on Ministry of Sound radio, head The Social every Friday night from 6-1am for The Social Meltdown, or join the mailing list for regular Ross ramblings by emailing ross.allen@me.com

Thanks Ross. x