Top marathon tips from Marcus James

Marcus James is an internationally renowned graphic artist and print maker, who has previously worked with fashion brands like Chloe and Burberry and multimedia companies like AOL and Orange.

His work is provocative yet serenely beautiful, and he has been one of my favourite artists for a long time. Marcus ran the London Marathon in 2008, and I caught up with him to ask him about it. Read his frank and honest interview below!

Dirty Flowers exhibition, Scream Gallery

Print design for the Chloe runway collection ss/04

Menswear prints for Yves Saint Laurent ss/05

Portrait of Dan Fern for Eye magazine

Store front window display and in-store artwork for Reiss (Miami)
Store front window display and in-store artwork for Reiss (Miami)

Prints for Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010 

Print design for the Staerk runway collection aw/09

Name: Marcus James
Age: 37
Home: London
Career: Artist

How did you get into running? Did Cross country as a kid and was a member of Stroud athletic club, but I mainly did short distances

What made you decide to run the London Marathon 2010? I was a last minute replacement for a friend who got pregnant

Can you tell us a bit about your marathon experience? Did the day go according to plan? What would you have done differently?
I didn’t really have a plan. The furthest I had run previously was about 12 miles. I think if I was to do it again I would pace myself a bit better, the last 2 miles were a killer. A friend challenged me to do it in under 3:30 so that was my goal.

Who is your marathon inspiration? Forest Gump

What was your trick to integrating your training into your already busy schedule?
I didn’t really do much training, but I would often run to where I needed to go

What is your marathon mantra? Arrggh

What is your pre race ritual? Applying nipple cream, believe me they will bleed!

Can you name your top three tracks on your marathon playlist?
Vitalic - Poney Part 1

LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great

Q Lazarus - Goodbye Horses

What is your marathon top training tip?
Take a dump before you start.
To view more of Marcus' work, check out www.marcusjames.co.uk

Thanks Marcus! x