Top marathon tips from Victoria Wood, fashion PR

This week's marathon Q&A comes from Victoria Wood, a Public Relations manager who looks after brands including Puma and Milkshake at Mercieca PR. Victoria's previous work on activewear brands and her personal interest in sports and exercise encouraged her to take part in the marathon.

I thought it best to ask a few questions and get the lowdown on how to run a marathon from a 'proper' sportswoman! Here's what she had to say...

Name: Victoria Wood  
Age: 28
Home: London
Career: PR Account Manager

How did you get into running? 
It was when I lived in Manchester, my then employer decide to use 5 x 5k runs as a form of team bonding. It was torture at first having not run for over 10 years, but by the third 5k my times were improving and I loved it!

Is this your first marathon? 
Yes, but I have run in several half marathons, including the Great North Run

What made you decide to run the London Marathon 2011? 
After completing several races last year, I really wanted a big challenge. I think for any runner the Virgin London Marathon is on a pedestal, so to be offered a charity place in December was a dream come true.

Can you tell us your goal time? 
I am hoping for 4 hours and 15 mins, but we’ll see. My main goal is to get round!

Who is your marathon inspiration?
My inspiration lies with my lovely husband who believes in me and of course my chosen charity, Dockland Settlements. Their work is vital in the Rotherhithe area offering facilities to families who are struggling. This includes activities at their three centres such including after school activities, IT courses and help for the elderly.

What has been your trick to integrating your training into your already busy schedule?
My training has all taken place after work and at the weekends. I have just joined the Mornington Crescent Chasers running club too, it’s so nice to run with other who are training for the marathon too.

What do you tell yourself to beat the wall? If ever you’ve hit it! 

That it will all be worth it, just think of what the funds raised will do for the people attending the Dockland Settlements charity.

Can you name your top three tracks on your marathon playlist? 

Rock Star - Nickelback

Hand that Feeds - Nine Inch Nails

If you Seek Amy - Britney Spears

What is your pre race ritual? 

I don’t have one really, maybe a one mile warm up and a kiss from the hubby!

What is your marathon top training tip? 

Just make sure you get the training in and eat well. Carbs are so important post training, so remember to have a snack if nothing else!

You can read more about Victoria's marathon efforts on www.runvicrun.tumblr.com
or donate to her marathon appeal at www.justgiving.com/Victoria-Wood1

I'm not sure I'd agree with the music choices, but thanks Victoria! x