And so to Nike Town we go

This evening I popped down to the newly revamped Nike Town in London's Oxford Circus to check out what's on offer and get to grips with the baffling world of sportswear.
I started my tour in active footwear, where different trainer types are displayed and explained. This is also the place for gait analysis - a necessity if you're planning on running long distances. Unfortunately I couldn't try it tonight as I still have a foot like blow fish, but soon I'll be tracking my instep and measuring my pronate!

Next stop was the Bra bar, where you can select your style depending on the impact of your exercise. A decent sports bra is equally, if not more important than a decent pair of running shoes. After all none of us want to be busting the tennis balls in socks look!

I then ventured in to 6.0, a new line geared towards action sports. The area's like a little boutique within the mega store, and is full of comfy basics.

I really liked the blue cotton chambray trousers (centre)

The store's visual merchandising is pretty spectacular, with skipping ropes strung up to create chandeliers and hanging t-shirts resembling billowing prayer flags.

The Nike Free series is displayed using trainers manipulated and moulded to create the letters.
It reminded me of this video from last year.

Last stop was the Nike ID studio, a bespoke service that allows you to custom design your own trainers. I was happy here amongst the blazers and Air Max 1s!