Le Marathon des Sables

I've just heard about this, Le Marathon des Sables (The Marathon of the Sands) is a six day race held across the Moroccan Sahara Desert and covering 151 miles of land. Widely regarded as 'the toughest foot race on earth' it is the equivalent to running a marathon a day, which is no mean feat - particularly when temperatures are soaring to around 50c!

Having run the London Marathon in 2008 Siobhan Royce aged 29, continued the high level of training and decided to undertake this - one of the most physically gruelling sporting challenges in the world, and completed it last year.

Of her training Royce says, "During the week, I trained twice a day, running to and from work, wearing the Royce Impact Free Bra. At weekends I would have to train for up to 6 hours, sometimes with a backpack weighing up to 10kg".

For more information on Le Marathon des Sables visit www.saharamarathon.co.uk ...if you dare!