A marathon a day makes you...mad!

I can barely even fathom this story, but I've just been reading about Stefaan Engels, the 49 year old Belgian who has just completed 365 marathons in as many days!
Running across North America and Europe, Engels finished his epic journey in Barelona having totaled 9,569 miles over the year.
Engels claims that the secret to his success – and stamina, is that he runs slowly, “I don't run fast and my heartbeat is slow, below 100 if I run 10 kilometres, but it is more a mental story”. Averaging four hours per run, with his fastest time at 2 hours and 56 minutes – I would say that is far from running slowly!
Stefaan Engels broke the world record, taken it from Japanese Akinori Kusuda, who ran 52 consecutive marathons aged 65!

It makes my attempt seem rather feeble in comparison…