War wound 1

No plasters in the house, so I taped my tummy with cricket bat tape!

On my run tonight

Regal Ally Pally
Flexing dem muscles
London sky lines are pretty wonderful too

run like 'elle


Sunday run day

I've swapped the generic Nike ipod app for the Nike GPS app, in the hope for more accurate recordings. This looks ok to me, I hope it's correct!

Gyptian - Hold Yuh (Major Lazer remix)

I soooooo prefer the original, but for running purposes, this mix is the one.

Song of the summer without a doubt.


My mantra

Just read this on the Runner's World website...

"To achieve your running goals, powerful legs and big lungs aren't enough—you also need a strong head. Doubts and distractions can derail your attempts, but a well-chosen mantra can keep you calm and on target. "Repeating choice words whenever you need to focus helps direct your mind away from negative thoughts and toward a positive experience". 

Perhaps unsurprisingly my mantra is RUN LIKE 'ELLE!

You can read the article in full here


Team Wateraid training day

I ventured out of town and down to Twickenham this morning for the Wateraid Marathon Training Day.

Things I learnt:
We’re likely to run between 300 – 500 miles pre race day
Balance running practice with strength and conditioning training
3-4 x your body weight goes through your legs when you run
Pre run do dynamic stretches. Post run do static stretches
Carbohydrates = petrol!

It was COLD out on the track this morning, but myself and the other Wateraid runners still managed a smile!

Bringing in the pro

Ok, so the Marathon is just over 10 weeks away, and it's seriously time to up my game. Tonight I met up with Brian, who has kindly agreed to help coach me for the following 10 weeks. It's time to work like 'elle.
Stay posted for progress...

run like 'elle


What your money does

WaterAid uses provides clean water, safe sanitation and hygiene education to the world's poorest people in 26 countires across Africa, Asia and the Pacific region.

The money you donate here can help:
Train a mason to build toilets - a longterm skill benefitting generations of people, £55
Pay for a rope pump to serve a community, £150
Build a water borehole for an entire village if 100 people donated £29 each

Photo credit: WaterAid/Marco Betti

Red Lines by Total Science featuring Riya

A good one for pounding the streets to. Red Lines by Total Science featuring Riya

Run like 'elle

Running in Rogue

Last night I rain in a Huf hoodie, Nike leggings and vest top by Rogue Status Femme.


Get 'mate'ivated

Sports bra specialists Shock Absorber recently suveyed 600 women and discovered that 80% of UK women believe that their friends play the most significant part in staying motivated to do exercise.

In honour of this Shock Absorber have comissioned personal trainer Elise Lindsay to design a fitness routine for friends to work out as a pair.

So, if you feel like getting sporty with a friend then visit the Shock Absorber Mateivator Workout here

Seen through my eyes

I was pretty pleased when I got home last night and saw this distance displayed, but being the cynic that I am I decided to double check it. So I plotted my route on Google Maps and Map My Run and felt somewhat deflated to see that I had only clocked up around 12 miles :-(
I really enjoyed my run though. I crossed over Waterloo Bridge, which never fails to amaze me, and make me feel lucky to live in London (corny but true!) it's a pretty mesmerising site.

These are a few sites I saw on my way. The Hayward Gallery and National Theatre buildings are my favourite.
Apologies for some of the pictures being a little wobbly, last night I truly was running like 'elle!


Nike Training Club app launch

Last week I was invited to the launch of the Nike Training Club i-phone app. I’d spotted the advertising all over town and was intrigued to see what it was all about.

Essentially it’s a cyber personal trainer, who guides, encourages and rewards you through targeted exercises and work-outs, all designed specifically for women, and demonstrated through short videos.
There are three levels - targeting strength, cardio or core. From here you choose your fitness - beginner, intermediate or advanced, and the app offers you different 15, 30 or 45 minute workout sessions. There are 90 different drill combinations and 60 workouts. Plus hidden rewards, which are exclusive workouts you can only access if you’ve achieved that level.

The app plays through your i-tunes, so you can chose your own music, and best of all IT’S FREE! You can download it here
After a brief play-around on the app, we were lead through to a great hall where two of the Nike Master Trainers were waiting for us to test the app out for real, and put us through our tired Thursday paces.
The 45 minute work-out was tough, especially as I was in a crowd with Olympic athletes! But I tested it again yesterday in a somewhat less pressurized environment i.e. at home with my housemates. It was hilarious - the Wood Chops had us collapsed on the floor in fits of giggles, but it’s easy to use and it works.  You can join the Nike Training Club here 
I also checked out the new trainer line which was launched with the app. Three styles cater for different levels of fitness.


iPhone par

I seem to have suffered a week of communication breakdowns, but this evenings was the final straw.

I'd almost made to the end of my first official training week, and already I was loathed to go running on a Friday night! However, after work I went home and got my kit on. I made the - perhaps controversial decision, to swap my runs around, so that I did 3 miles on Friday and 8 miles on Saturday.

I'd worked out what I thought would be about 3 miles, but by the time I'd made it passed my perceived half way point the run tracker app was still saying I'd only done 1/2 a mile! So I kept running, and I kept running and I kept running some more, until I'd covered most of North London.
When I eventually got home and recovered I decided something had got awry and checked my route - only to find out I'd covered 8.29 miles! My furthest run to date!!

Now I know I'm something of a technophobe, but I really got screwed over on that one! Perhaps I forgot to reactivate it...

Oh yeah, and I was listening to Netsky's amazing album. Drum and Base helps!


Wayfaring Stranger - Jamie Woon (Burial Remix)

This mix of Jamie Woon's haunting Wayfaring Stranger by Burial has been looping on my running mix recently, but it really makes me want to do boxing-style speed skipping! The perfect beat...


The Sweaty Betty Great British Run

In an attempt to heave us out of our ever-appealing sofas and kick-start our January exercise programmes, high-end sportswear label Sweaty Betty is hosting The Sweaty Betty Great British Run.

Free-to-join Sweaty Betty running clubs will collectively run the 1000 miles that lie between the label's nationwide stores. Training starts now and the challenge will take place from February 7th - 11th.

As an incentive all participants from the winning team will receive a £50 Sweaty Betty voucher.

Click here to find your local free Sweaty Betty exercise club. Or if these aren't convenient you can run independently and log your miles at logmymiles@sweatybetty.com

Neutral Tuesday

Today I ran in Sweaty Betty running tights, Nike sweat wicking vest, vintage Nike training top and Asics trainers.

Pant like 'elle

Not exactly the minute mile I'd been planning!


Found this today

It was on this day at sunny Glastonbury last summer that I was struck by Wateraid's work, and that's when I decided I wanted to represent the charity in some capacity. At that point I didn't realise that would invovle slogging my guts out running around central London looking like a lunatic.

We live and learn - I hope!

run like 'elle. x


Caribou - Odessa

I could run to this all day - almost.


Run like 'elle

New rules for 2011

An interesting article in the Guardian about what is and isn't actually as healthy as we may have thought...

You can read it here

Looking for a new running partner

The lovely 'legs eleven' Lucy - my original running partner & person responsible for embroiling me in the marathon in the first place, has just announced that she is unable to run the marathon with me as planned, because she is PREGNANT!

Massive congratulations and love to James, Lucy and Rufus - & if anyone needs a running partner then please let me know. I'm now a loner! :-(

Core running kit

My iPhone is integral to my marathon training. I am using it to map my runs, record my progress, play my music and take my pictures. 
Welcome to the journey. Let's go!

Indian water saving signage

I really love the simple signage spotted in South India on my recent trip.

Seeing as I'm all about all things water, I thought it a good excuse to play this...

Fela Kuti - Water No Get Enemy

run like 'elle. x

My worst nightmare

I fear this may be me and Lucy by the end of the marathon! If you see us, please will you drag us over the finish line?!

Happy feet

Not sure how long they're going to look this happy for. Beach running has already taken it's tole - on my calves, and my feet!

India inspires

For the past two weeks I've been running with this beautiful image as my view and this amazing song as my soundtrack.

I hope it inspires...

India I miss you already. x