iPhone par

I seem to have suffered a week of communication breakdowns, but this evenings was the final straw.

I'd almost made to the end of my first official training week, and already I was loathed to go running on a Friday night! However, after work I went home and got my kit on. I made the - perhaps controversial decision, to swap my runs around, so that I did 3 miles on Friday and 8 miles on Saturday.

I'd worked out what I thought would be about 3 miles, but by the time I'd made it passed my perceived half way point the run tracker app was still saying I'd only done 1/2 a mile! So I kept running, and I kept running and I kept running some more, until I'd covered most of North London.
When I eventually got home and recovered I decided something had got awry and checked my route - only to find out I'd covered 8.29 miles! My furthest run to date!!

Now I know I'm something of a technophobe, but I really got screwed over on that one! Perhaps I forgot to reactivate it...

Oh yeah, and I was listening to Netsky's amazing album. Drum and Base helps!