Marathon Mix 6 by Morgan Zarate

Wow wow woo weeeeeee it’s time for a Zarate parteeeeeee!
DJ/producer Morgan Zarate, formerly of critically acclaimed band Spacek, has also produced records for US soul singers Raphael Saaqid and Musiq Soulchild, as well as releasing under his own name.

What you may not know, is that Morgan is also a Run Dem Crew founding member, and whilst he may have since eschewed the Lycra (though he does still like a bit of grey marl), Morgan remains loyal to the London runners. So he's leaving the miles to the pros and is keeping in charge of the music instead...

I'm really happy to say that Morgan's made an exclusive Marathon Mix in time for the Berlin Half Marathon which me and the Run Dem Crew will be running this weekend.

Listen, download and run like ‘elle!!!! And extra points if you can hear the running reference :-)

Morgan has records coming out on Hyperdub, and under his production collaboration alias TheShining on Young Turks this year.

Thanks Zzzarate. x

Run like 'elle loves Mary Jepkosgei Keitany

I'm not really one for the life around running - I prefer to just Do The Ting, but I was reading about Kenyan long distance runner Mary Jepkosgei the other day, and her story - or lack there of, really struck me.
No tales of adversities or injuries here, just a woman who has come on to the competitive running scene fairly late for professional runners, but has shone - and subsequently gone on to win some of the biggest titles in running.

Namely winning last year's London Marathon with a finishing time of 2:19:19 hours - not for off my time NOOOOOOT! It's worth noting that Jepkosgei only made her marathon debut at the New York Marathon just a year before.

She currently holds the women's world record for the fastest half marathon time of 1:05:50 UGH! And is ranked the world's 4th fastest woman.

I'm no racer, but her story is definitely an inspiration. It might not give me a champion time, but perhaps it might do something for my mindset.
run like 'elle - to Berlin!


Top marathon tips from blogger Bangs and a Bun

Muireann – more commonly known as Bangs and a Bun, is a blogger extraordinaire, social media consultant and public speaker. Bangs can be relied upon to speak – and occasionally rap, her mind about whatever is irking or exciting her at any given moment! (Check out her blog to see what I'm talking about)

In addition to all this, she is also a keen runner and I was lucky enough to be chosen to be part of her Team Bangs on the Run 2 team. We ran the Run To The Beat half marathon together in September 2011, and this week she is leading her third team to victory in the Berlin Half Marathon.

I caught up with her – in between runs, to get her Top Marathon Tips…

Name: Muireann Carey-Campbell or Bangs
Age: 30
Home: East London
Career: Blogger, Public Speaker, Consultant

How did you get into running? I was approached by a PR and asked if I'd like to run a half marathon and blog about it. I agreed, mistakenly thinking I was really fit as I'd been boxing for a couple of months. (Totally forgot that I hadn't actually run since an egg and spoon race at primary school). I had no idea about training plans or devices that tell you how far you go etc, I just put my trainers on and went.

Can you tell us the races you’ve run, and those that you have coming up?
Royal Parks half marathon twice
Paris Half Marathon twice
Run to the Beat half marathon
San Francisco Women's Marathon
Movember 10K

I'm doing the Berlin half marathon this weekend, and I've entered the ballot for the New York Marathon too!

Can you tell us a bit about your marathon experience? I absolutely loved my marathon experience. I'd never been to San Francisco before so I think all the sightseeing I was doing on the route totally kept my mind off the distance. I was just having a blast!

I had a couple of tough miles between miles 21-23, but other than that, I was happy as Larry the whole way round.

It was my first marathon and I'd found the training really tough so I think I was just so relieved to be finally doing the race that I just really enjoyed myself. The route was wicked the crowds were great and I sprinted the last 800m like I was trying out for the Olympics or something - it was just awesome.

Who is your marathon inspiration? When I was training for the marathon I watched a video of Joan Benoit, winner of the first Women's Olympic Marathon in 1984 a lot. It really inspired me 'cause she overcame such odds to be there.

She qualified for the Olympic team two weeks after having knee surgery so no one really thought she'd be a threat, but on the day, she took the lead two miles in and literally left everyone for dust. It's incredible to watch. Coincidentally, Joan Benoit was at the start line at the San Francisco marathon giving a speech and wishing everyone good luck. I totally geeked out!

I also watch the Duel in the Sun video quite often which is of the legendary Boston Marathon where Alberto Salazar beat Dick Beardsley - the footage is just amazing. I think it's one of the best bits of race footage out there and it really gets me pumped up.

What is your marathon mantra? Pain is temporary (It's really important to remember this!)

Can you name your top three tracks on your marathon playlist?

Jamie XX - Far Nearer

More Fire Crew - Oi Who's that More Fire Crew

Joe Esposito - You're The Best Around (from the Karate Kid soundtrack)

What are your favourite – and least favourite aspects of training? I really enjoy the structure of a training plan and enjoy being regimented about sticking to it. That said, I do reach a point in every training cycle where I just think 'I can't be arsed!' and I really have to push myself through the last few weeks.

What do you tell yourself to beat the wall? If it's a half marathon, I tell myself this is a maximum two hours of my life (hopefully less!) So how good can I be in two hours? What could I achieve if I just blocked out the pain and pushed it for these two hours? Two hours over the course of a lifetime is nothing.

I use a lot of distraction and visualisation techniques too. Basically just I just try to focus on getting my mind off the immediate pain. Think happy thoughts!

What is your marathon top training tip? The foam roller! I try to stretch with this after each run and I think you just can't underestimate the power of a good stretching routine.

Whereabouts do you run? Do you prefer running in or outdoors? I much prefer to run outdoors. I can't stand the boredom of a treadmill. I'm a real big city girl and I love the urban jungle so I love to see different buildings and people and graffiti on my runs. I run around my area in East London a lot and of course, having the Olympic stadium as a backdrop is great motivation. If I'm doing longer runs, I'll sometimes get the train to the other side of London and run home, just to switch up the route.

How often do you run? 3-4 times a week

Do you vary your training between mileage and speed? Definitely. I don't think you see improvement if you just stick to the same session each time. I usually do a tempo run, a steady run, a track session and a long run in the week. I also try to cross train, usually boxing and pilates when I can.

What has been your most memorable run to date? Probably my second ever run. It was a Park Run 5K one Saturday morning in Leeds. I'd done it the week before, which was my first run and was terrible. I literally couldn't run for 30 seconds. I had to walk most of it, I was being overtaken by pensioners, it was a pretty mortifying experience. I went back the next week and I remember saying to myself at the start line 'I'm gonna run this whole thing and I'm not gonna stop till I cross the finish line'. I just repeated that to myself like a mantra the whole way around and no matter how much it hurt, no matter how much I wanted to, I didn't stop. I think that's when I realised that running for me is about 90% mental.

It was also a real ‘light bulb’ moment for me. It made me think 'what if there are other areas in my life where I've stopped when I really could've kept going?' From that day, I decided to approach every aspect of my life like a run. I'm just not gonna stop till I finish and I'm gonna push through when the going gets tough. I've lived that way ever since. That run literally changed my life.

Do you prefer running alone or with a partner? I do love solo running. I find my best long runs are done alone, but I do enjoy running with others on shorter runs.

Has running had an impact on your life? Most definitely. It's had a massive impact on how I approach every aspect of my life. I think I'm a calmer, happier person as a result of running too.

Physically, I'm much fitter and stronger than I used to be, and I think of my body in a totally different way. I am now a fully-fledged card carrying member of the ‘church of running’ and am one of those annoying people who will preach its benefits to whoever will listen.

We listen! And we love what Bangs is doing.

To see in to Bangs' world visit her blog www.bangsandabun.com

And don't forget to check in to www.spikesandheels.com to see what's hot in the world or running, and heels.

Thanks Bangs. I'll be chasing your tail in Berlin this Sunday. run like 'elle. x

Running in Reykjavik 2

Every so often I surprise myself, and Iceland was one of those times. I exercised a certain amount of self-restraint and got to bed by a reasonably respectable hour - most nights!

So tame were my hours that I even managed to make it out for an early run before starting the day. Not to say I was happy about it though...

Morning running frown face
Colder than it looks
Get your tongue around that!
 Striding ahead - with flat cap
Star jump ready-ish

Thanks Reykjevik! And run like 'elle - even if only to keep warm. x


Running in Reykjavik 1

Last week I went to Reykjavik to write about Design March, Iceland’s Design Festival. I had a busy five days of product design, fashion design, store launches, bizarre food types, a computer gaming convention, parties and lot of laughing.

I’ve been to Iceland once before and it’s one of the most surreal places I visited. The sparse black volcanic rock landscape makes it look like you’ve landed on the moon, and Reykjavik itself is really pretty – all brightly painted corrugated iron houses and cosy coffee shops.

Despite the changeable weather – you can expect grey clouds, bright sunshine, hail storms, blizzards and Baltic winds all in one day, people here love to run! I joined Reykjavik’s runners on one of the most picturesque running routes I’ve taken – the peninsula.

It’s a coastal circuit outside the city centre that passes snow-capped mountains, lighthouses, brave birds bopping in the freezing sea and traditional fish drying and smoking huts. There’s so much to see that I almost didn’t notice the distance or the other runners.

Anyway, this is a little of what I saw. Inspired?

Guess the flag...
run like ‘elle. x


Top running tips from child champ Oscar James

Meet my style and sporting hero, Oscar James. Seen below showing his sophiticated sartorial prowess in a run like 'elle embellished t-shirt.
Not only is Oz the coolest person under 10 that I know, but he is also the fastest. 

Yesterday Oscar ran 3 miles for Sport Relief, a British charity raising money for people both in the UK and abroad, whilst also encouraging people to get in to sports.

Both celebrities and members of the public are undertaking sporting challenges to raise money for the charity, and Oscar is taking part with other pupils from his school. He even managed to cahole his Dad in to running it with him!

I caught up with Oz to ask him a few questions about running, and here's what he had to say...
Name: Oscar James
Age: 9

What made you start running? I have always been running, such as in the park and at school playtime when we play games like ‘It’

Why do you like running? Because it is fun

Are you doing any training for the Sport Relief 3 mile, or are you going to run like ‘elle?! Not really that much, except I did a 3 mile practice run along the canal at the weekend to see if I would be able to do it – and luckily I could

Why do you think running’s a good activity for kids to do? I think all sport is good for kids because it keeps them healthy and is fun to do

What are your favourite sports aside from running? My favourite sport it cycling and I go to the BMX track 3 times a week

Why did you decide to run the Sport Relief 3 miles? To help people in need

Which charity are you running for? Sport Relief

Who is your running inspiration and why? My Dad

(Oscar's Dad is artist Marcus James, one of the first Top Marathon Tips interviewees. Marcus runs a sub 3:30 marathon and is also a member of my beloved Run Dem Crew. You can read my interview with him here)

What do you do to get faster? I am lucky because I take after my Dad and he is very fast

To show Oscar your support and admiration, please sponsor him by visiting

Thanks Oz. Lots of love and WELL DONE!

run like 'elle. x


Nike x Undercover Gyakusou

The other day I got to test out one of the new Nike x Undercover Gyakusou jackets, a collaboration project between Nike and designer Jun Takahashi.
Takahashi is best known as the designer of high-end streetwear label Undercover, and he is also a member of the Tokyo based running crew GIRA.

In a city where protocol stands for a lot, and it is considered ‘au fait’ to run around Tokyo clockwise, Takahashi and his GIRA crew make their point by running anti-clockwise. Hence the collection’s name derives from ‘gyaku’ Japanese for wrong or reverse, and ‘sou’ to run or running.

Now in its fourth season of menswear, Spring Summer 12 sees the introduction of womenswear.

With ergonomic design paramount, the pieces prioritise comfort and freedom of movement, so many of the jackets have curved and gathered sleeves. Some styles come with open underarms, and my jacket is made up of two pieces, so that it can be worn as a gilet or jacket.

As you would expect, the spring collection is made from a lighter weight material – Nike Dri Fit, perfect for springtime London runs!

As seen on my run...
For more information on the Nike x Undercover Gyakusou series, visit www.nikeinc.com

run like 'elle - summers coming ;-)

The Global Marathon Twitterthon

26 marathons connect with one another over 26 days via Twitter.

On March 19th The Global Marathon Twitterthon - a project aiming to connect marathon organizations around the world, was launched via Twitter.

The Milano City Marathon was the inaugural Tweeter to send ‘a message of hope’, and each participating marathon sends a message to following in its own language, with the final message being Tweeted back to the Milano City Marathon on April 13th.

The messages will be written on lanterns, which will then be released into the sky on the eve of the Milano City Marathon.

Participating marathons include the weird and the wonderful. A few of my favourites are:
Reggae Marathon
Miracle Match Marathon
Great Wall Of China Marathon
Polar Circle Marathon

Solar Eclipse Marathon
Petra Marathon

Thus – it’s a Twitterthon!

To view the messages, visit twitter.com/#!/search/%23MCM2012

run like 'elle

Top marathon tips from writer, Candice ‘Candie’ Brown Brathwaite

Candice is a model, baker, writer and runner.
I first encountered Candice as a fellow Team Bangs On The Run 2 team member, and her forthright manner and those long long lashes struck me from the minute I met her. She’s dynamite – if ever I’ve seen it!

Like me, Candice is not a practiced athlete. That was, until she decided to run seven half marathons – one in each continent!

Beginning her journey in Jamaica in 2011, she has since run in races in Paris and Amsterdam, and next month sees Candice’s marathon debut - as she takes part in the London Marathon 2012.

Candice is training hard, and has often already completed a multi mile run by the time I’m waking up. So, I asked her to divulge her top marathon training tips, and this is what she had to say…

Name: Candice ‘Candie’ Brown Brathwaite
Age: 24
Home: Saff Landan!
Career: Writer

How did you get into running? It started in the winter of ’10. After my Dad’s untimely passing and a few other personal things going on, I needed something to focus on. I was so embarrassed, I would arise at 4:30 am every morning and run in the shadows! Not the safest thing to do but as a first time runner, my confidence was non existent.

Is this your first marathon? Yes this is my first. I have signed up to two more this year, so I better like it!

What made you decide to run the London Marathon 2012? It was me testing the powers that be. I was in a running rut and wondering if I should hang up my kicks and source out an overpriced gym membership.

I entered without telling a soul. ‘If I get a ballot place, I am meant to continue running.’ I said aloud, as I filled out the online entry form. Two months later, the Gods have spoken and I’m still running!

Are you enjoying your training? Which aspects particularly? My relationship with my training plan is much like that of an old married couple. It gets on my nerves but we are in it until the finish! Sometimes, no I am fatigued ALL THE TIME. But some days I’ll go out and have a run that makes me confident in my abilities.

The aspect I have enjoyed the most, is feeling myself get fitter. I can now talk through a half marathon. That is unbelievable to me. I also enjoy shopping for new kit!

Who is your marathon inspiration? My marathon inspiration is a lil' guy that went by the name of Fred Lebow. He was the creator and race director of the NYC marathon. I fell in love with him after watching ‘Run For Your Life’ a documentary about how he escaped war and became a prominent figure in NYC’s running community.

What I loved most about his story was the fact he was a slow runner. He averaged at 12 minutes per mile. I too am part of the slower set, and I used to think it was an embarrassing disadvantage. But knowing that 'Slob Bow' created THE marathon, takes the edge off any embarrassment.

What has been your trick to integrating your training into your already busy schedule? Just understanding that this may be the only time in my life, I have to dedicate to running. Knowing that sacking off training days, cost me in the long run. Literally. I have to be my own worst critic and reverent cheerleader.

There isn’t a trick! I’ve had to turn down nights out (or in!) to make sure that I’m at my best for the long Sunday run. Although sacrifice has played a great part, I have also made sure that I don’t immerse myself in training totally. Its about balance. If I’ve ran hard for a week, I treat myself to a bit of play!

What do you tell yourself to beat the wall? If ever you’ve hit it! I have yet to hit the physical wall. I think I had a taste of it on my 18 miler and by golly, it wasn’t pretty. Mentally, there is always a wall! I always think I can't do it.

My trick right now is ‘One More mile’ from the moment I begin the run, whether long or short, I deal with it one mile at a time. If I think about the fact I still have ten to go, I’ll return home and eat macaroons!

Can you name your top three tracks on your marathon playlist?

Kanye West- All of the Lights

The Roots- The Fire

Linkin Park- Robot Boy

What is your pre run ritual? Force myself to have breakfast. Double check I have safety pins. Tweet and pray!

And your post run ritual? Use a wet wipe to de-salt my face, take a picture with my crew, then immediately find somewhere to eat!

What is your top marathon training tip? Training plans do not factor in real life. You won’t always be able to do as it says. Make adjustments, but try to follow it to the letter. Training plans are there for a reason. Have fun. You are about to undertake one of the most self revealing tasks of all time. Embrace it.

Can you tell us your goal time? 4:45!

Whereabouts do you run? Do you prefer running in or outdoors? I run in the hills of south London! And if not there, East London, with my crew, RunDem. I much prefer running outside. The routes you get to explore and the characters you encounter make indoor running appear so boring. Plus a treadmill could never compare to the secret incline of the road.

Pre marathon training, how often did you run? Before I began marathon training, I was running three times a week.

Do you vary your training? Between mileage and speed? I do vary my training. Depending on the mileage of my long Sunday run, Tuesdays effort with RDC is when I up my game a bit. I also love throwing in hills or stairs. Not track though. The ring of fire has burnt me off once too many times!

What has been your most memorable run to date? The Jamaica half marathon has been my most memorable run to date. So much so that I’ve signed up for the full this year! It was such a blessing to be running in my fathers hometown. The crowds and volunteers were magical. Paradise.

Do you prefer running alone or with a partner? I prefer running with a partner. They are able to keep me going, when I really think I have nothing else to give.

Has running had an impact on your life? Physical or otherwise? Physically, the changes have been slight. But mentally, I have been taught about an esoteric endurance. One that can only be hinged on what you have been through. And being able to come out the otherside. Turning pain into profit. It all ends. You may as well give it your best shot!

A lady of exquisite taste – Candice says run like ‘elle

The task is huge, but the slogan simple: RunTheWorld. SackTheStigma - and I can’t think of anyone better to do it.

To support Candice’s cause and sponsor her, please go to her Virgin Money Giving page.

You can also follow Candice’s progress at thetortoisewithnohair.com

Thanks Candice, and I can’t wait to see you pass us on the marathon course next month.

Now DO THE TING and run like ‘elle! x


A great grey day

Fully aware that race day (the Berlin 1/2 marathon) is fast approaching, this Saturday I did my classic panic routine and headed out on a last minute long run.

Spring has finally sprung!
As I wrote recently - last weekend I fell off my bike! So for the following week was spent nursing bruises, not running.

So Saturday was my first run in over 10 days, and I was nervous. As you know, my running of late has been sporadic - to say the least, so I'm mow completely out of touch with my ability, and what distainces I should be aiming for.

So... after much procrastinating and too much peanut butter on toast, I headed out in the rain, with the aim of running for 45 minutes.

Each mile I ran felt like four, and I was entirely dejected by my lack of fitness, but eventually I got to 45 minutes and felt confident I could run some more. So I kept going... and kept going some more...

A grey North London day
By the end I'd run almost 8 miles, in the rain - which I loved.  Admittedly in a less than champion time, but I did it, and I felt better for it. 

I'm under no illusion that the Berlin 1/2 is going to be easy, but I'm looking forward to it none the less.

run like 'elle - and hope!

Arsenal run

Ever get that feeling that life is happening and we’re so busy doing other things that we don’t even notice half of what we’re experiencing? Sometimes I get that and it really freaks me out.

I’ve just found these pictures of a Run Dem Crew session I did earlier this month – which I’d completely forgotten about!

We set out from our usual 1948 starting point and ran to my neck of the woods - North London. We ended up at the Arsenal Stadium during their Champions League game against AC Milan, and the crowd’s chanting and cheering really helped us to sprint around the stadium perimeter.

Admittedly the crowd didn’t even know we were using their whoops as self -encouragement, but the atmosphere was indisputably electric – even from outside the stadium, and it definitely did the job.

This is a picture of my friend Peigh – post perimeter dash (I faired far worse than him), but we made it, then headed back out in to the dark streets and back to East London.

It was a great run, and I’m really sorry I forgot about it until now!

run like ‘elle


Fashion Week Flashbacks

After a month of Fashion Weeks, I'm finally finishing my round-up reports. I've discussed ideas with designers, analysed images and watched a re-watched show videos - and what I always love, is the music.

As it's Friday, I thought I'd give you little playlist of some of what we heard in London, Milan and Paris.

From London...

Mulberry. Joe Jackson Trio - Scary Monsters

Paul Smith. David Lynch feat: Karen O - Pinky's

Sophie Hulme. James Pants - Clouds Over The Pacific

From Milan...

Versace. Ramadanman - Glut

Fendi. Django Django - Default

From Paris...

Viktor & Rolf. Ludovico Einaudi - The Earth Prelude

Yohji Yamamoto. Rodrigo y Gabriela - 11:11

Vionnet. Nicolas Jaar - A time for us

Happy weekend! run like 'elle. x


Wayne Wonder - Bashment Girl

Love this, and so perfect for the summertime vibes that are going round today :-)

run like 'elle

Part Time Heroes - Lightfalls

The Part Time Heroes are great friends and even better musicians.

Ross from the band made the first ever run like ‘elle Marathon Mix, which you can listen to and download here!

This mix got me through the first few miles of last year’s London Marathon, and each track reminds me of whereabouts I was on the course as I heard it.

I love that music can link itself so specifically to periods of your life, and the Part Time Heroes new LP, Lightfalls is really hauntingly beautiful and has the ability to do just that.

It’s out now on iTunes, so listen to this teaser, and download the record in full

Keeping it in the family - run like ‘elle. x


The race is on – literally

I’ve always been a last minute kinda gal, but I really have excelled myself this time. With just over two weeks until the Berlin ½ Marathon, I have somehow managed to swing myself a place and will be running/jogging/hobbling the race!

As you may have been reading, my life recently has involved a lot of fashion or not a lot of running, and my fitness has really suffered. My running has been limited to my weekly Run Dem Crew session – when I’m in town, and that’s kind of it.

On the occasions that I have been running, my knees have started swelling up and getting really painful. Thankfully, I’ve never had problems with my knees before, so this is all new to me.

In addition to this new-found ache and pain, I was seizing the spring-like weather the other day and decided to get my beautiful old bike out of storage. Not more than two minutes after I’d got on it, did I find myself flying over the handlebars and landing face down in concrete.

I got off lightly with a mild dose of concussion and some cuts and bruises, but said scrapes have further hindered my training progress as I didn’t even manage to make Run Dem Crew last night.
So, I’m definitely up against it on the training front, but I’m excited about running with the crew – and going to Berlin, so fingers crossed I’m on the mend fast and project BERLIN 2012 commences imminently.

Watch This Space…

Run like ‘elle. x


Amanda Lear - Run, Baby Run

I entirely disagree with the sentiment of the song, and I don’t even like the tune itself very much, but the video is so kitsch it won me over, and it has running in the title, so obviously I’ma love it!

French designer footwear label Pierre Hardy cites this song as one of the inspirations behind its forthcoming AW/12 collection. Which, by the way is very nice indeed, so who am I to deprive you of such animal printed polyfibres?!

run like ‘elle

Top marathon tips from motivated mummy Lucy Brice

As the London Marathon is fast approaching, I thought it time to interview some of those who will be taking on the gruelling - but great 26.2 miles, and first off is motivated mummy extraordinaire, Lucy - part of the new breed of yummy mummys.

Lucy Brice sets an example. Despite being a full-time mother to two young boys – Rufus 2 ½, and Hudson 6 months, she is finding time to train for her first ever marathon - albeit a year later than planned!

In case you don’t remember, Lucy and I planned to run the London Marathon together last year but a certain bump (who we now lovingly call Hudson) got in the way and scuffled our plans of marathon domination! So, a year on and with her beautiful baby boys spurring her on, Lucy is training hard for next month’s London Marathon.

I caught up with her in between breastfeeds and long runs (she, not me) to ask her about Mummy marathon training…

Lucy with Hudson

Name: Lucy Brice
Age: 31
Home: London
Career: Fashion Brand Manager, Mixmag.

How did you get into running? I got into running after my first child was born. It started as a need for space and to get out the house - free from the burden of babes, buggies and bags. I found it incredibly meditative in the crazy days of being a new mum.

Is this your first marathon? Yup. I’m sure it won’t be my last.

Are you enjoying your training? Which aspects particularly? I love seeing my progress, beating PB’s. Running faster and for longer. I’m also enjoying eating like an athlete!

Who is your marathon inspiration? Paula Radcliff of course, but the ladies I find truly inspiring are the ‘elderly’ ladies I saw at the London Marathon 2011, who were still going strong at 22 miles, striding out and flying past their counterparts a quarter of their age.

What has been your trick to integrating your training into your already busy schedule? Running with the buggy. Rufus likes to coach me and shouts random inspiring things, or sings. Also running at sunrise, which is easy as I’m woken up at the crack of dawn, or when the babies are sleeping.

What do you tell yourself to beat the wall? If ever you’ve hit it! I hit the wall on my first 18 mile run. It was absolutely horrific and I now fully understand that expression ‘hitting the wall’. I drank a Lucozade, then told myself to man up and get home as quickly as possible for cuddles.

Can you name your top three tracks on your marathon playlist? At the moment – songs to zone out to… and a bit of disco

SBRKT: Trials of the Past

Mount Kimbie : Before I Move Off

Boney M : Sunny

What is your pre run ritual? Breastfeed Hudson who is 6 months. Go for a wee.

What is your marathon top training tip? Take enough money with you on your long runs to buy a drink. Practical but essential!

Can you tell us your goal time? Under 4 hours

Whereabouts do you run? Do you prefer running in or outdoors? Outdoors, I want to feel like I’m getting somewhere and the breath fresh air.

Pre marathon training, how often did you run? Before I was pregnant – about three times a week.

Do you vary your training? Between mileage and speed? I run five times a week. Short runs varying between 3 and 10 miles in the week, to increase my speed. Then a killer run on Sundays…the day of rest. This weekend I have a 20 mile run scheduled.

What has been your most memorable run to date? Since having had my second baby we’ve moved a little further out of London, so I’ve felt a little disconnected from ‘my’ London. So when I did my 18 miler and ran from my home, through Stratford, round my old stomping ground Victoria Park, on to Shadwell and eventually hitting the Thames, and up and down Southbank and the Embankment - I felt exhilarated.

Do you prefer running alone or with a partner? It depends who it is, James (Lucy’s boyfriend) er no! Daddy does dancehall workout running which is kinda off-putting, but I have some friends who run at the same pace as me and have endless amounts of gossip - so are the perfect running partners.

Is Mummy running harder than pre Mummy running? No, running is better now. I have never felt more empowered than I do now. You push a melon outta your lemon and you feel like you can take on pretty much anything!

Did you run during your pregnancies? At the beginning, yes a little. Then my frame of mind flipped into hibernation mode.

How long after giving birth before you're running again? 8 weeks.

If you could give one piece advice to running mummys, what would it be? Just step out of the door and make the time for you. For me, the ultimate thing is being a mummy, but that sense of power you feel from being a strong and fit mummy is next level. As a mum all your time and energy is focused on your bundles, running is about ‘you’ time and freedom.

Lucy doing the Rufus dumbell workout

Lucy is running to raise money for Sussex Beacon, a charity which provides support and care for people living with HIV. You can donate to her fundraising efforts by visiting www.justgiving.com/mummy-running and read more about Lucy’s marathon training on her blog, mummyrunning.wordpress.com

Lucy is also working hard with Mother’s Meeting – a group of dynamic and creative mums who are redefining the role of the modern mother, to make London’s new mums more active. MM – who I have admired from afar for a while now, is holding classes at Nike’s 1948 store for mother’s and baby’s to work their legs, bums and tums. Currently by invitation only, the class is planning on branching out soon, so stay tuned to www.mothers-meeting.com for further information.

Thanks for your admirably honest answers Lucy, and I can’t wait to be there on the sidelines cheering you on.

Lots of luck and RUN LIKE 'ELLE! x