A great grey day

Fully aware that race day (the Berlin 1/2 marathon) is fast approaching, this Saturday I did my classic panic routine and headed out on a last minute long run.

Spring has finally sprung!
As I wrote recently - last weekend I fell off my bike! So for the following week was spent nursing bruises, not running.

So Saturday was my first run in over 10 days, and I was nervous. As you know, my running of late has been sporadic - to say the least, so I'm mow completely out of touch with my ability, and what distainces I should be aiming for.

So... after much procrastinating and too much peanut butter on toast, I headed out in the rain, with the aim of running for 45 minutes.

Each mile I ran felt like four, and I was entirely dejected by my lack of fitness, but eventually I got to 45 minutes and felt confident I could run some more. So I kept going... and kept going some more...

A grey North London day
By the end I'd run almost 8 miles, in the rain - which I loved.  Admittedly in a less than champion time, but I did it, and I felt better for it. 

I'm under no illusion that the Berlin 1/2 is going to be easy, but I'm looking forward to it none the less.

run like 'elle - and hope!