Top marathon tips from motivated mummy Lucy Brice

As the London Marathon is fast approaching, I thought it time to interview some of those who will be taking on the gruelling - but great 26.2 miles, and first off is motivated mummy extraordinaire, Lucy - part of the new breed of yummy mummys.

Lucy Brice sets an example. Despite being a full-time mother to two young boys – Rufus 2 ½, and Hudson 6 months, she is finding time to train for her first ever marathon - albeit a year later than planned!

In case you don’t remember, Lucy and I planned to run the London Marathon together last year but a certain bump (who we now lovingly call Hudson) got in the way and scuffled our plans of marathon domination! So, a year on and with her beautiful baby boys spurring her on, Lucy is training hard for next month’s London Marathon.

I caught up with her in between breastfeeds and long runs (she, not me) to ask her about Mummy marathon training…

Lucy with Hudson

Name: Lucy Brice
Age: 31
Home: London
Career: Fashion Brand Manager, Mixmag.

How did you get into running? I got into running after my first child was born. It started as a need for space and to get out the house - free from the burden of babes, buggies and bags. I found it incredibly meditative in the crazy days of being a new mum.

Is this your first marathon? Yup. I’m sure it won’t be my last.

Are you enjoying your training? Which aspects particularly? I love seeing my progress, beating PB’s. Running faster and for longer. I’m also enjoying eating like an athlete!

Who is your marathon inspiration? Paula Radcliff of course, but the ladies I find truly inspiring are the ‘elderly’ ladies I saw at the London Marathon 2011, who were still going strong at 22 miles, striding out and flying past their counterparts a quarter of their age.

What has been your trick to integrating your training into your already busy schedule? Running with the buggy. Rufus likes to coach me and shouts random inspiring things, or sings. Also running at sunrise, which is easy as I’m woken up at the crack of dawn, or when the babies are sleeping.

What do you tell yourself to beat the wall? If ever you’ve hit it! I hit the wall on my first 18 mile run. It was absolutely horrific and I now fully understand that expression ‘hitting the wall’. I drank a Lucozade, then told myself to man up and get home as quickly as possible for cuddles.

Can you name your top three tracks on your marathon playlist? At the moment – songs to zone out to… and a bit of disco

SBRKT: Trials of the Past

Mount Kimbie : Before I Move Off

Boney M : Sunny

What is your pre run ritual? Breastfeed Hudson who is 6 months. Go for a wee.

What is your marathon top training tip? Take enough money with you on your long runs to buy a drink. Practical but essential!

Can you tell us your goal time? Under 4 hours

Whereabouts do you run? Do you prefer running in or outdoors? Outdoors, I want to feel like I’m getting somewhere and the breath fresh air.

Pre marathon training, how often did you run? Before I was pregnant – about three times a week.

Do you vary your training? Between mileage and speed? I run five times a week. Short runs varying between 3 and 10 miles in the week, to increase my speed. Then a killer run on Sundays…the day of rest. This weekend I have a 20 mile run scheduled.

What has been your most memorable run to date? Since having had my second baby we’ve moved a little further out of London, so I’ve felt a little disconnected from ‘my’ London. So when I did my 18 miler and ran from my home, through Stratford, round my old stomping ground Victoria Park, on to Shadwell and eventually hitting the Thames, and up and down Southbank and the Embankment - I felt exhilarated.

Do you prefer running alone or with a partner? It depends who it is, James (Lucy’s boyfriend) er no! Daddy does dancehall workout running which is kinda off-putting, but I have some friends who run at the same pace as me and have endless amounts of gossip - so are the perfect running partners.

Is Mummy running harder than pre Mummy running? No, running is better now. I have never felt more empowered than I do now. You push a melon outta your lemon and you feel like you can take on pretty much anything!

Did you run during your pregnancies? At the beginning, yes a little. Then my frame of mind flipped into hibernation mode.

How long after giving birth before you're running again? 8 weeks.

If you could give one piece advice to running mummys, what would it be? Just step out of the door and make the time for you. For me, the ultimate thing is being a mummy, but that sense of power you feel from being a strong and fit mummy is next level. As a mum all your time and energy is focused on your bundles, running is about ‘you’ time and freedom.

Lucy doing the Rufus dumbell workout

Lucy is running to raise money for Sussex Beacon, a charity which provides support and care for people living with HIV. You can donate to her fundraising efforts by visiting www.justgiving.com/mummy-running and read more about Lucy’s marathon training on her blog, mummyrunning.wordpress.com

Lucy is also working hard with Mother’s Meeting – a group of dynamic and creative mums who are redefining the role of the modern mother, to make London’s new mums more active. MM – who I have admired from afar for a while now, is holding classes at Nike’s 1948 store for mother’s and baby’s to work their legs, bums and tums. Currently by invitation only, the class is planning on branching out soon, so stay tuned to www.mothers-meeting.com for further information.

Thanks for your admirably honest answers Lucy, and I can’t wait to be there on the sidelines cheering you on.

Lots of luck and RUN LIKE 'ELLE! x