Top running tips from child champ Oscar James

Meet my style and sporting hero, Oscar James. Seen below showing his sophiticated sartorial prowess in a run like 'elle embellished t-shirt.
Not only is Oz the coolest person under 10 that I know, but he is also the fastest. 

Yesterday Oscar ran 3 miles for Sport Relief, a British charity raising money for people both in the UK and abroad, whilst also encouraging people to get in to sports.

Both celebrities and members of the public are undertaking sporting challenges to raise money for the charity, and Oscar is taking part with other pupils from his school. He even managed to cahole his Dad in to running it with him!

I caught up with Oz to ask him a few questions about running, and here's what he had to say...
Name: Oscar James
Age: 9

What made you start running? I have always been running, such as in the park and at school playtime when we play games like ‘It’

Why do you like running? Because it is fun

Are you doing any training for the Sport Relief 3 mile, or are you going to run like ‘elle?! Not really that much, except I did a 3 mile practice run along the canal at the weekend to see if I would be able to do it – and luckily I could

Why do you think running’s a good activity for kids to do? I think all sport is good for kids because it keeps them healthy and is fun to do

What are your favourite sports aside from running? My favourite sport it cycling and I go to the BMX track 3 times a week

Why did you decide to run the Sport Relief 3 miles? To help people in need

Which charity are you running for? Sport Relief

Who is your running inspiration and why? My Dad

(Oscar's Dad is artist Marcus James, one of the first Top Marathon Tips interviewees. Marcus runs a sub 3:30 marathon and is also a member of my beloved Run Dem Crew. You can read my interview with him here)

What do you do to get faster? I am lucky because I take after my Dad and he is very fast

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Thanks Oz. Lots of love and WELL DONE!

run like 'elle. x