Arsenal run

Ever get that feeling that life is happening and we’re so busy doing other things that we don’t even notice half of what we’re experiencing? Sometimes I get that and it really freaks me out.

I’ve just found these pictures of a Run Dem Crew session I did earlier this month – which I’d completely forgotten about!

We set out from our usual 1948 starting point and ran to my neck of the woods - North London. We ended up at the Arsenal Stadium during their Champions League game against AC Milan, and the crowd’s chanting and cheering really helped us to sprint around the stadium perimeter.

Admittedly the crowd didn’t even know we were using their whoops as self -encouragement, but the atmosphere was indisputably electric – even from outside the stadium, and it definitely did the job.

This is a picture of my friend Peigh – post perimeter dash (I faired far worse than him), but we made it, then headed back out in to the dark streets and back to East London.

It was a great run, and I’m really sorry I forgot about it until now!

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