Run like 'elle loves Mary Jepkosgei Keitany

I'm not really one for the life around running - I prefer to just Do The Ting, but I was reading about Kenyan long distance runner Mary Jepkosgei the other day, and her story - or lack there of, really struck me.
No tales of adversities or injuries here, just a woman who has come on to the competitive running scene fairly late for professional runners, but has shone - and subsequently gone on to win some of the biggest titles in running.

Namely winning last year's London Marathon with a finishing time of 2:19:19 hours - not for off my time NOOOOOOT! It's worth noting that Jepkosgei only made her marathon debut at the New York Marathon just a year before.

She currently holds the women's world record for the fastest half marathon time of 1:05:50 UGH! And is ranked the world's 4th fastest woman.

I'm no racer, but her story is definitely an inspiration. It might not give me a champion time, but perhaps it might do something for my mindset.
run like 'elle - to Berlin!