The Global Marathon Twitterthon

26 marathons connect with one another over 26 days via Twitter.

On March 19th The Global Marathon Twitterthon - a project aiming to connect marathon organizations around the world, was launched via Twitter.

The Milano City Marathon was the inaugural Tweeter to send ‘a message of hope’, and each participating marathon sends a message to following in its own language, with the final message being Tweeted back to the Milano City Marathon on April 13th.

The messages will be written on lanterns, which will then be released into the sky on the eve of the Milano City Marathon.

Participating marathons include the weird and the wonderful. A few of my favourites are:
Reggae Marathon
Miracle Match Marathon
Great Wall Of China Marathon
Polar Circle Marathon

Solar Eclipse Marathon
Petra Marathon

Thus – it’s a Twitterthon!

To view the messages, visit twitter.com/#!/search/%23MCM2012

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