Achilles - my menace

Week 1 of my new and improved training plan didn’t exactly get off to a running start. I started feeling pain in my left foot whilst at my charity training day last weekend, and over the past week it’s got progressively worse and more swollen – particularly after running on it on Monday night (oops!)

Having hopped around all week and got through 3 bags of icing peas I decided to get a second opinion, and it turns out that I’ve strained the tendons around my Achilles heel. Nothing serious, and a very common injury for someone who’s gone in too hard and fast when their body wasn’t conditioned (again, oops!)

The physio gave it a really good rub and some acupuncture. I tried to take a photo but the sight of needles made me too queasy (very lame I know). He advised to restrain my running plan, which is really frustrating – but I’ll be back on fighting form very soon.

In the meantime, a little Greek mythology for you! I was intrigued to see that Achilles is always spelt with a capital letter and wanted to find out the length of the legend that commands this sign of respect.
Achilles is a hero in Greek mythology – and principle character in Homer’s Iliad, one of the lengthiest tomes in print. Attributed as being one of the most handsome and best warriors in the Trojan war, he was the son of Thetis – a sea nymph, who dipped Achilles in to the River Styx to make him immortal. His entire body was submerged in the water, except for his heel – which his mother held him by. Deemed a war hero, Achilles won all the battles he fought, until being shot with an arrow to the heel by Paris, which lead to his death. That’s a very summarized version of the story, but it’s one of my favourites.