Reggae running like 'elle

So, after much deliberation I've decided to run my next marathon... in Jamaica! (Actually the decision involved little to no deliberation - just the world JAMAICA was enough to sell it to me!)
At 5am on December 1st I'll be running the Reggae Marathon in Negril, Jamaica. As with any marathon, the distance is 26.2 miles - and that distance doesn't lie. I realised that when I watched the London Marathon last month. 

This sobering thought is quickly disregarded when I remember where I'm going, and I'm toooooooo excited!

2012 marks 50 years of Jamaican independence, and hopefully the video below will portray part of the reason for my excitement.

The Tennors - Jamaica 50
Can't believe what I've got myself in for - again.
run like 'elle