High point training - with a dash of doggy paddle

Last night I decided to change it up a bit, so after my interval training I decided to go for a quick swim.

I wore my a Speedo swimsuit - to keep it all in place, Speedo swimming cap - to look like a pro (even if I don't swim like one), and put my new acquisition - a  Speedo kick board to the test. I've seen people using floats before but have never really understood the point of them, but as I'm trying to strengthen my legs I decided to give it a go. Kick boards are designed to strengthen and tone all parts of the lower body, and if the extra effort is anything to go by, then they definitely do the job - I was exhausted!

Also, a little motivational trivia for you. Jogging through water can burn up to 11.5 calories a minute compared to  8 per minute on land. Not bad if you don't mind looking like a lunatic...

This is what I did for high point - a training programme consisting of one minute running sequences at varying speeds. I came very close to stacking it on the running machine though, 14.5 is too fast for me - it was flailing limbs all over the place!