Marathon mix 3 by DJ Smutlee

Wow wow wee wow it's time for DJ Smutlee's Marathon Mix, and he's only gone and invented a genre! Run like 'elle presents Runbahton - it's Moombahton, but with a fast step running flex.
Smutlee is a DJ, designer - and few may know this but also a champion dirt bike racer too! The man of many talents has kindly made me a mix to hop, skip and jump to - and the best bit is that you can do so too!
So, here's the swap again - music for money. Please show your appreciation and support by donating to my Wateraid Marathon appeal, here. The amount is totally up to you, but every penny definitely helps, and it goes to a very worthy cause. WaterAid is a global charity which provides water and sanitation aid and education to people across 26 countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and it's who I'm running the London Marathon 2011 in support of.
So, for all the runners and the ravers. Runbahton - here we go!
Smutlee's Runbaton Marathon Mix by runlikeelle
If you want to see more of Smutlee head to Yoyos, or catch him this Thursday at Fabric with Ram Jam Rodigan.

Thanks Lee. x