The day I fell out of love…

...with running

I can’t believe it’s a year ago that I began my mammoth training plan for the London Marathon.

During that time (as you’ll see from my previous posts) I experienced extreme highs and a few lows, learnt a lot about myself – and those around me, and focused my body and brain to accomplish something I’d never previously conceived as a possibility.

Though running the marathon was one of the best things I’ve ever done, I fast rediscovered my life of vice (well – dances, friends, drinks) and somewhere on my way, I lost my running mojo.

I tried to get it back - going to Run Dem Crew, running around the world on my travels, but it just wasn’t the same.

In retrospect, I think I got a bit overwhelmed by the technical aspect of running at a certain level. Suddenly people were interested in the technicalities of it, but I just don’t really enjoy that. But that’s ok isn’t it? Perhaps I don’t need pace groups and nutrition timetables, perhaps all I need are my trusty trainers and an iPhone full of music.

So, with that thought in my mind I am donning my trainers and heading out in to the frozen roads to run.

Thanks for your patience people, I’M BACK! (I think)

Run like ‘elle x