Run like 'elle loves Portia Simpson Miller

Though not technically a runner, Portia Simpson Miller warrants a run like ‘elle loves post. Portia Simpson Miller – may not be a runner, but as my turn my eyes toward Jamaica – in preparation for my marathon journey in December, I’ve been reading about Mrs Simpson Miller – the Jamaican Prime Minister.

In addidtion to her role of Prime Minister she is also the Jamaican Minister for Sports, and Mrs Simpson Miller – or Sister P as she is affectionately nicknamed, lobbies for gay rights in Jamaica and abolishing the country's homophobic reputation.

As testament to her power, she also made Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World this year.

Run like ‘elle is all about celebrating strong people and if that person happens to be a woman, then all the better.

Oh yeah, and I also found this mix dedicated to her. Portia Nuh Play! Run like ‘elle