Running in the desert

I'm away on me 'olidays at the moment and am in sunny California with my good friend Sophie. 

Sophie and I spent a dew days in LA, then drove to the desert for some supposed R&R in Palm Springs - best known as home of the Coachella music fesival. 

Here we were joined by a few more friends and our planned rest turned into a small party, and after a few days of food and fun I decided it was high time for a run. So I headed out early(ish) in the morning, trying to avoid the heat and ran through the back streets of Palm Springs. 

I've been here a few times and every time I come it's been a really different experience from the last. It's a really bizarre mix of retired couples - many retired types who appear to be out on the pull too (I spotted a man of around 70 wearing a baseball cap that read 'Old Grils Rule' - what a dude! Palm Springs also has a large gay community as well as an increasing number of 'hipsters', so it's a unique dynamic which comes alive at night. 

The mountain scenery is breathtaking - and yes I stuck to flat roads, rather than taking on the mountain terrain.
Seeing a palm tree never fails to make me smile

Frey House. Architect Albert Frey designed a lot of the mid century modern architecture that's seen around Palm Springs. This building is one of his most famous contructions. What a plot!
On my run I wore... as little as possible actually (it was so hot) Bra, crop top, shorts, trainers all Nike, vest American Apparel
We're back in LA now, and I'm contemplating a run in the Hollywood Hills - I think the vertigo's got to me.

run like 'elle. x