Best birthday

Earlier this month I celebrated my 2?!th birthday, and my work team gave me this amazing, sarcasm fuelled birthday card. 

A parody of the recent Grazia magazine coverage I was in, the card is an imagined running magazine cover, which reads 'Dancer, surfer (Grazia magazine misquoutes, which were met with much amusement by my friends, as I'm a notoriously undextrous dancer) and marathon cat lover runner (I hate cats - the girls in my office love them), Elle Hankinson shares her top 10 tips (an article type I write for work) for looking haute (Grazia quote) on the treadmill (I recently fell off one).

The card goes further to say...
'Win your height in hummus' (I eat a whole lot of hummus) 
'Running with the stars. Run like 'elle speaks out about those Cavalli rumours' (Giorgio Armani, Garavani Valentino and Roberto Cavalli hold a strange superstardom in our office - most notably for their deep mahogany tans)
Anyway, the card made me laugh a lot - so I just wanted to share it with you. x