Marathon registration

Having put it off for two days already, after work last night I made the mission to the Excel Centre near Canary Wharf to officially register for the London Marathon 2011

I spend quite a lot of time at trade shows for work, and was not impressed at having to attend another - especially on a Friday night. But the vibe was actually pretty good, almost everyone on the DLR to the show space was a marathon runner and everyone was chatting and comparing stories - and injuries!

This is me collecting my running number and trainer chip. Everyone seemed to have a word of wisdom for me - which I gratefully received.
Runners were invited to scrawl a message on the giant numbers. Obviously I graced it with a run like 'elle sticker!
Not sure how this one got here...
This is Zack who printed my name on to my running vest.
And a little bit of luck wished us well as we left the building
I'm officially entered in to the race, so there's no backing out now. Eeek!