Marathon essentials

Final preparations are in place, and my kit is laid out and ready to go.
It contains: Jelly Babies, Lucozade Jelly Beans in orange and lemon and lime flavours, my lucky (or so I hope) £2 coin with Darwinian apes on it, Lucas' Pawpaw ointment for lips, rubbing bits and the rest, Nurofen, Berocca, Nurofen gel, tissues, arnica tablets (for my bruised feet) Piz Buin sun cream, blister plasters, plaster tape and dressing (for my chest which always gets rubbed raw) i-phone holder and headphones, and the all important run like 'elle stickers.

I will be proudly wearing my white WaterAid vest with ELLE written in giant letters, Shock Absorber sports bra, Sweaty Betty luminous orange crop top, Dior sunglasses, bumbag, Nike leggings, Nike socks and Nike ID run like 'elle trainers.

I think that's everything....
Lots of love and luck to all the other London Marathon runners, especially the rest of the WaterAid team. 

And now it's time to sleep. Night night. x