Lead. Inspire. Coach. Motivate. Succeed.

For the past eleven weeks I’ve been very lucky and have had a personal trainer on loan to me from Nike. His name is Brian Cochrane and he’s guided and supported me through every step of marathon training. Brian is a Nike Elite Athlete and teaches classes, teaches trainers and personal trains throughout the UK. He co-developed the popular Punch! boxing programme and contributed to several drills on the Nike Training Club app. He is active from morning till night, and yet he is always enthusiastic and interested – which makes a massive difference when you’re on your fourth rep of press-ups.

I first met Brian when I went to the Nike Training Club app launch back in January, where he and fellow Nike Master trainer Sonja Moses led a live workout session for the press and athletes attending. A couple of weeks later I was sent to meet him on the promise that he could get me ship-shape and marathon ready in eleven weeks. When I told him my training thus far I think he thought I must have been kidding, and it was almost definitely his (and certainly my) biggest challenge yet.

Brian devised a strict plan, which involved interval, tempo and long runs with one or two sessions of Nike Training Club per week. After NTC (Nike Training Club) Brian and I would sit down and go through the week’s progress. This was our only session together, but throughout this time he’s been on call, on Tweet (is that a term yet?) and on email answering my panicked questions and calming my nerves. He even found a way to fit in early morning drill sessions when I panicked that I wasn’t fit enough, and made a food plan, to get me in optimum pre race shape.

His mantra, Lead. Inspire. Coach. Motivate. Succeed. is simple, but his strategy is not. He’s been great, and I just wanted to thank him. That’s all. Thank you Bri, you've been great. x
For more information on Brian Cochrane, visit www.briancochrane.com