Out on the road again

Today I went on my first run since the Marathon last Sunday. It's only been six days, but I've really missed it. I wanted to run sooner, but I had to wait for the blisters on my feet to heal and the swelling (I've got some nasty bruises around my metatarsal) to reduce a bit.

It's only now I've finished training that I really comprehend how intense the schedule was (I trained six days a week for 11 weeks), and I've been a little overwhelmed by the amount of free time I've found myself with this week.

Anyway, I'm in the country this weekend and it's definitely bare leg weather, so today I wore: sports bra by Triumph, crop top by Sweaty Betty,  sweat wicking vest, running shorts and ID running trainers by Nike, socks by Thorlo

Below is some of the beautiful scenery I saw on my run through Hay-on-Wye and into the Herefordshire hills. I only ran for around 20 minutes as my feet were sore, but I'll be back on the case next week.

Happy Easter everyone!