Running in New York

My love affair with New York is long lived, but my knowledge of the big grid is a little shady - so what better way to drum a little geography in to my head than to run the streets and find my bearings.

For my first run I went with my cousin Katie - who lives here, and we started on the Lower East Side in Manhattan and headed over the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn. Lucky for me, the weather has turned - and though the views may not be the best I've seen, the rain was welcome as it washed away the 38°C heat that greeted me on my arrival.

With the Chrysler Building jutting out over the Manhattan in my view as I ran, and the rain soaking my skin, I felt truly happy. And though it wasn't a particularly testing run, I felt absolutely elated when I finished.
Happy (and a little hungover) Hankis

As you no doubt know by now, I love looking at the different street art that adorns the walls - and even the pavements of the places I run. There were a few of my favourites....
Getting in to stars and stripes mode
I'm so glad I've made this vow to run in every country I visit. I really think it helps you get to know a place better. You notice things that you probably wouldn't otherwise, you engage with other runners and you see new fashions too (more on that to come...)

I finished off my morning run with a giant coffee, accompanied by a delicious donut. Well it does say 'America runs on Dunkin' - so it seemed a little rude not to indulge!