Re-run like 'elle

Cripes, it's been a while. For the past 40 odd days and nights it's been since I ran the marathon I have been celebrating having a social life again. 

Training was great, and a truly life changing experience - but the intensity of it meant that I didn't get much time to spend with my nearest and dearest, so that's what I've been catching up on. Oh, and a few other things too...

Riding my beloved bike Polly Gretal
Playing dress-up in flame retardant suiting
Cruising in Ford Cortinas
Visiting art exhibitions
A spot o' shopping with friends
Spotting stickers
Drinking cocktails on rooftops
Eating fluro food
Ogling new Nike Hyperfuse gear
Visiting a few more exhibitions

Yet another exhibition
Hanging out with famous faces (albeit cardboard ones)
After a couple of fairly futile recent running attempts, I decided that yesterday's beautifully sunny Saturday was the day to crack my newly found fear of running and get out and pace the streets, and I was truly shocked by how hard I found it. Admittedly it was pretty warm, but it was tough none the less. I did my pre training route of once around the outside of the park, and by the end of the 2.67 miles I was exhausted!

Instead of feeling elated that I'd cracked my fear, I felt annoyed that I'd let my fitness decline to such a degree that I was out of breath by the time I'd reached the park gates. It really shocked me how fast my fitness has deteriorated (and if I'm honest, my body too!) But all is not lost, I cracked it once and I'll do it again. My challenge this time is integrating training in to my lifestyle...

On my run I wore the usuals - Shock Absorber sports bra, Sweaty Betty crop top & running socks, sweat wicking top, running shorts and Lunar Glide 2s all by Nike.