Running in Florence

From Venice, I travelled down to Florence last week. I used to go there quite a lot with my old job, and it holds a sentimental place in my heart - as it's the first place I ever went running!
I used to work on a small all-women design team for a UK based designer label and our factory was based in Florence, so a few times every season we would decamp to Florence and conduct our lives from a factory and (the rather more scenic) Ponte Vecchio bridge (pictured above).

Our boss loved running, as did the other girls on the team - or so they claimed! So every morning they would set out early, run down the bank of the river Arno, over the bridge, through the park and be back in time for breakfast. I realised that a lot of key coversations were had during these runs, so as not to miss out - and as a ditch attempt to bond with my boss, I one day decided to join them on their run.

I woke up early, donned my plimsole shoes (I kid you not), and attempted to keep pace with the lithe ladies. Alas, I was about three bridges behind them, my feet hurt - and needless to say, the whole expeirence was so traumatic that I didn't run for about a year thereafter.

But, despite the mocking (they still laugh about it!), the pain (plimsoles contain ZERO cushioning) and the shame (I'm blushing just thinking about it) I alway knew I would return to running.

So many years later, here I am - running the picturesque Florentine streets, and I couldn't be happier :-)

After a couple of days in the city, I headed out to the Tuscan hills and ran through the Chianti countryside. It was quintessentially Italian countryside, and absolutely stunning. The temperature was perfect, and I could have run for hours - but I forget how dark it gets in the country, so I was soon stumbling to find my footing and reluctantly returned home.

Here' s a little of what I saw on my run...

The weather was still around 30 degrees when I went running at 9pm, so I wore the smallest clothes I could find!
Grazie mille to the Castello del Nero Hotel for helping me plot my mad running routes! There are plenty of super scenic ones in the area. 

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