Go hard, or go home

You have undoubtably heard me refer to Run Dem Crew a fair few times already, and you may well have read my pre marathon interview with the crew's founder and leader Charlie Dark, here.

But just in case you're unfamiliar with Run Dem Crew, let me recap. RDC is a free running community which is held in London every Tuesday night and allows people (note I say people, not runners) of all capabilities to run the streets of London under the reassuring veil of night.

With members of all abilities and all backgrounds all running together, it encompasses everything that is great about running - and I personally can't wait to get involved.

They made a video explaining a bot about Run Dem, and if this doesn't inspire you, then nothing will...

Charlie and the Crew were really supportive of me during my marathon training, and I think that their enthusiasm and friendliness is well portrayed here. Congratulations to all at Run Dem, and I can't wait to join you soon.

For more information on Run Dem Crew, visit www.rundemcrew.com