Run like 'elle meets Run Dem Crew

Once we'd split up in to ability level groups we went on a random tour of the sites of London, one of which was Tower Bridge. It was the first time I'd been there since running over it during the London Marathon and seeing it looming over me took me exactly back to that moment almost three months ago when I was almost at the 1/2 way point.

This evening I went to my first ever Run Dem Crew session, and I was overwhelmed by how much I enjoyed it. I have been meaning to go for months, if not years - and tonight I finally went...
Based at the newly relaunched Nike 1948 store in East London, which has space enough for 100 or so members, I arrived during 'housekeeping' a time for team members to give messages, and wise words to be said.
This evening seemed to be particularly poignant as touching messages about 'What Run Dem Crew means to you' were read out and set RDC leader Charlie Dark off in tears. I barely know the guy and I let a tear or two roll too!
After the emotion it was down to business, and we set out. The image of 100 runners of all ages, shapes and sizes tearing through London must have been quite a site, and we certainly attracted attention - particularly when we ran en masse through Liverpool Street Station at rush hour!

We were only 10 minutes into our run, but the energy was intense and the feeling of being part of a team was a special one which I hadn't really experienced since school. 

Also on the run were a few members from Team Bangs on the Run - which I'll explain all about at a later date, but needless to say - it was lovely to see my team within a team all out on force. 

Through winding back roads and over bridges, we even saw the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson riding his bike home from work. We gave him a holla, and he gave us a wave!

I didn't run with music, I didn't need to. Instead I gossiped the entire way (6 miles) and made a few new friends too. I didn't notice the distance, and I didn't care - I was happy.

It was the first time I've run in a group, and I enjoyed it so much - you feel like part of a team, an invincible one at that. As a wise Run Dem woman once said, "It's what running is all about".

A massive thank you to Charlie and everyone at Run Dem for making me feel so welcome. I can't wait to come back next week and run like 'elle.