Me & Mummy Running's men at the London Marathon 2012

Yesterday was some of the most fun I've had for ages. I was down at the strategically placed Run Dem Crew cheering point at mile 21 of the London Marathon, with the rest of the Run Dem rabble.

We got there early to see the elites pass. It was incredible – such speed, even that late on in the race.
Then the ‘real people’ started to pass through. Some looked strong, others didn’t. That was me last year, and I could totally relate to their pained expressions. It made me remember the reality of marathon running – a shed load of pain until you reach the elation at the end. So I cheered doubly hard.

As well as the RDC runers, the person I was really looking out for was my friend Lucy aka Mummy Running, who was running her first marathon (Read my pre marathon interview with her here

I was joined by an excellent cheerleading squad including 9 year old Oscar and Mummy Running’s men – James, Rufus 2 /12 and Hudson 8 months.

Oz and Rufus were absolutely amazing. Rufus was on rave whistle duty and Oz was on poster waving – at one point becoming a human sandwich board!
We all cheered loudly and watched intently waiting for Lucy to pass through. The she did and it was incredible! I felt so proud of my friend, and was even more pleased when I heard she’d finished in the amazing time of 4 hours 30 minutes. Read her marathon memoirs here

Lucy later told me she thinks you need the same mental strength to get through a marathon, as you do to get through child labour. Yikes!

run like 'elle. x